THE 20 BEST FILMS OF 2020 BY ROBIN, Previously I had written the 10 best films in 2020 on my persona

Author : uhuyahay
Publish Date : 2021-04-09

THE 20 BEST FILMS OF 2020 BY ROBIN, Previously I had written the 10 best films in 2020 on my persona

THE 20 BEST FILMS OF 2020 BY ROBIN, Previously I had written the 10 best films in 2020 on my personal blog.
But in that list I also included several films that were supposed to come out in 2019 but only appeared in Indonesia or internationally in 2020. Now, I will try to make a list of films that are due to be released in 2019. indeed is a movie of 2020. Not only that, but also than 10 I'll also try to make 20. Isn't that fantastic?

Of course the film and the sequence I'm going to make is subjective and if you know me, then you can definitely tell what my taste is like. If there really is a film you love that I didn't include, I'm sorry. Either because I don't really like it or simply because I haven't watched it, it's impossible to include all the films on this list. 2020 may not be as good as 2019's film quality, but it still has some perfect film choices.

20. The Old Guard
Seeing  Charlize Theron beating her enemy over and over again with full of dazzling performances seems like enough to explain why I love  The Old Guard . 

19. Possessor
If you know how the filmography of the legendary David Cronenberg is , then the  Possessor made by his son, Brandon Cronenberg , is not far from there. This is a truly provocative film, we can't help ourselves but keep our eyes and attention on the story which will take us into a hypnotic sci-fi horror  thriller world  . Not only that but the film is also sprinkled with the already top-notch cast: Andrea Riseborough , Christopher Abbott , Sean Bean and Jennifer Jason Leigh !

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18.12 Hour Shift
Coming up with low expectations, leaving with the utmost delightful satisfaction. 12 Hour Shift is a film that perfectly encapsulates a dark comedy through its silly and fun story and its entertaining characters. What a very interesting surprise.

17. Host
The host  proved that horror films do n't need excessive jump scare . With the whole being on the Zoom app and only 57 minutes long,  Host is an incredibly brilliant film that builds up the eerie atmosphere for a very adrenaline-rousing climax. Lockdown does n't stifle the filmmaker's creativity to tell the story and  Host is a perfect example.

16. Bill & Ted Face the Music
2020 is a dark year, we can't argue with that. That's why the arrival of Bill & Ted Face the Music  is a savior for all mankind. Cheerful, fun, entertaining. Films that tell good people doing good things. Truly, this film is a miracle that provides the sense of optimism and hope we need to endure such a bad year.

15. The Kid Detective
Time and time again I have said this is a film that has a similar feel to  The Nice Guys and that is enough for me to love  The Kid Detective . Evan Morgan has put together a film that balances humor and gore, resulting in a very tantalizing mystery and a character that we are very easy to support along the way.

14. Tenet
Oh no, here comes Tenet .
It is not easy to explain how I feel about Christopher Nolan's film. One or two paragraphs are not enough. This is a film in which I don't understand what really happened (until now), but I had a cinematic experience so incredibly powerful I can't say no to this film. It sounds silly if I like a film I don't understand, but this is Tenet .

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13.Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)I haven't visited the theaters in 2020 for more than half a year, and so every film I watch is even more impressive. Birds of Prey has been the most enjoyable cinema experience for me over the past year. Margot Robbie is perfect at playing Harley Quinn; Mary Elizabeth Winstead , Jurnee Smollett-Bell and Rosie Perez were so good at beating up their enemies; Ewan McGregor is perfect at playing a narcissistic antagonist. Really fun!

12. The Man Standing Next
In  The Man Standing Next (or Namsanui bujangdeul ), we enter the dark part of South Korea. This is a very compelling slowburn film  about a political world full of corruption and high egos. With its clever narrative and cast that animates each character with energy, it's not difficult to see this film becoming South Korea's choice for the upcoming Oscars. Will this film get a nomination? We'll just wait. 

11. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs. the Reverend
I really like  Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt . I love him. And for someone who rarely watches a  sitcom , that's a huge compliment. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs. the Reverend  is a surprise from Netflix in that it is a film that uses the interaction feature. What does it mean? It means that we control the story! Isn't that cool? This feature is indeed very risky to reduce the quality of the story (just look at Black Mirror:  Bandersnatch ), but Kimmy vs. the Reverend  makes perfect use of that unique feature to give its audience, or its “player”, an adventure that is both hilarious and full of fun.

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10. Greyhound
The vast sea. Ships shoot at each other. The ship exploded. I guess that's what always happened at  Greyhound . Sounds lazy and boring, but apparently this is a very intense film. It's so intense, I always sit up straight to watch the incredible action in this film. Oh yeah, this film also stars Tom Hanks . 

9. Ma Rainey's Black Bottom
Ma Rainey's Black Bottom feels like a farewell from Chadwick Boseman with her dazzling, powerful and heart-rending appearance. The minimalist narrative gives each character here the opportunity to steal the attention of the audience by giving us moments that are both energetic and very

Okay, this is the funniest film of 2020. From the title alone it is already a high-class joke. A sequel to my favorite film, Borat Subsequent Moviefilm draws  on the silliness and madness of the United States as the foundation for its humor that sits on the line between hilarious and  awkward , and it seems like only Sacha Baron Cohen can do what Borat does in the film.

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7. Palm Springs
The theme it adopts actually limits the space for the story to move, because there is not much that can be done with its concepts and genres. But Palm Springs manages to break down the walls that line it and presents a heartwarming story and a genuinely ingenious narrative sprinkled with witty and sincere comedy from Andy Samberg  and Cristin Milioti .

6. Promising Young Woman
Provocative, jarring and opposing, Promising Young Woman is a work created to rebel against society's problems related to violence against women. There are many moments that make this film a cathartic experience, but there are also many moments that make this film dark and sad. With Carey Mulligan  at the center, this is a film with a message that is ready to kick off its audience.

5. Da 5 Bloods
Da 5 Bloods  moves like a thump that is always passionate about his chest, taking the Vietnam War in the background. Not only was the story hitting every viewer's heart, but  Da 5 Bloods  also managed to deliver one of the best performances this year from Delroy Lindo as a former soldier who experienced PTSD due to the war that haunted him. 

4. I'm Thinking of Ending Things
A lot of symbolism can be found in  I'm Thinking of Ending Things , a film with a plot that dares to twist its narrative for a very unique viewing experience. I'm Thinking of Ending Things is how someone has to deal with anxiety and anxiety to face the parents of our partner, and Charlie Kaufman has explored our anxiety through his film work.

3. Mank
Directed by David Fincher and written by his father, Jack Fincher ,  Mank is a film that not only moves quite fast thanks to its never-nonsense narrative, but also features the devastating performances of every character in it. Hollywood loves to make films about itself, but  Mank is a story worth retelling about an ambition to make a film that will become one of the most important films in the history of cinema.

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2. News of the World
This is the best relaxing film I've seen in recent years. There are times when gunfights occur, but the majority  of the News of the World spotlight on  Tom Hanks and Helena Zengel spending their time exploring  the vast desert in the era of the American cowboy. To see the two interact with each other is what brings this film to life because of how they can bring the characters to life with emotions and feelings. Behind his serenity lies a feeling that touches us, seeing them tussle over with the past and trying to find what they have not yet met: a place worthy of being called home.

1. Another Round
Mads Mikkelsen is one of the most attractive actors of this generation. Only with his presence can he bring out the charisma that no other actor has. Indeed in Hollywood he is better known for his side roles such as in  Doctor Strange or in  Rogue One , but in Europe he already has a very impressive body of filmography and Another Round is another example which shows that Mads Mikkelsen  should have played more of the lead role.

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