Best ecommerce website builders

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Best ecommerce website builders

If you have ambitions in mind for your sales business today, you will need an online presence. It is not like before, when you needed to invest thousands to hire professional web developers to create a store for you. With these best ecommerce website builders, you can create your own store with some time, effort, and a small budget.

To help you decide on the platform that is best for you, let's look at these aspects:

  • Easy to start.
  • Available features and price levels.
  • The quality of your eCommerce templates.
  • Offer advanced tax, inventory management, and shipping tools.


First we have WIX. Along with WordPress, Wix is ​​one of the most popular best ecommerce website builders development platforms today. They have a considerably large customer base with roughly more than 100 million users, mainly because they are a very easy platform to create and use an account.

You're just one account creation process and a few questions away from choosing your template and customizing your site. Using the Wix builder to customize your website can be intimidating for newbies. However, there are many tutorials and tips to guide you. Once you become more familiar, it will be an easy task.

With over 450 total templates and 60 online store specific templates, you won't need any design options for your store. Before, not all Wix templates were of high quality, but that has been changing.

As for the price, you can have access to the e-commerce functions with the eCommerce or VIP plans. Both plans have all the ecommerce features available on Wix. That includes a wide selection of payment gateways, discounts, shipping and tax calculators, inventory management, and a fully functional store.

You don't have some super advanced features like POS integration, Shipper integration, and omnichannel sales, but you have everything you need.


As you can guess from the name, this platform is very focused on best ecommerce website builders. Bigcommerce is the most popular ecommerce website platform on the market right now and it's the one that is setting the pace for many advanced features.

Unfortunately, it doesn't have a free plan, but you can put the basic features to the test and have a store ready to go within the 15-day trial period. As you can guess, all pricing plans come with eCommerce features. There's also a 0% transaction fee, as well as unlimited products and staff accounts, no matter what plan you're on. All plans have all the basic features and the higher level plans give you access to more flexibility and more advanced features like abandoned cart recovery, custom SSL / product filter, etc.

The biggest restrictions are that you can only make a certain amount of annual sales before having to upgrade to a plan level. There is an Enterprise plan for big business with no limits and premium customer service solutions.

You can always extend your ecommerce features with some of the abundant apps available on Bigcommerce.

In terms of advanced features, Bigcommerce is an all-in-one solution. One of the best features is the intensive integration with physical stores, other online sales channels, inventory management systems, and shipping services (via ShipperHQ). That makes it relatively easy to expand or incorporate your existing business with your Bigcommerce site.


If you want a beautifully designed, minimalist, and modern online store, there are few platforms to turn to outside of Squarespace . Part of the reason there are only just over 90 templates available is that they are strictly vetted for quality standards.

The biggest downside to Squarespace is that the website builder isn't that intuitive and they don't have true drag-and-drop functionality. You do have some great templates to start with, but your customization options are slightly limited.

Despite its heavy emphasis on e-commerce, Squarespace has two pricing plans for websites or online stores. The Business Website plan starts directly with fully integrated e-commerce. However, there are limited advanced features and transaction fees.

With Online Store plans, you pay no transaction fees and you have access to advanced features such as:

  • Powerful metrics and analysis tools.
  • Inventory management, orders, taxes and coupons.
  • Label printing through ShipStation.
  • Customer accounts.

With the Advanced Online Store plan, you also get:

  • Recovery of abandoned carts.
  • Real-time integration with shipping companies.
  • More control over discounts.
  • The ability to integrate with third-party software.

The integrations with the physical store are extremely powerful and similar to what best ecommerce website builders offers.

Squarespace offers great features to make your store functional and interactive with quick product views, express shopping, and more. You are slightly more limited in terms of payment options. However, Squarespace supports an acceptable list of currencies.

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