7 of the Best Web Design Tools to create responsive website

Publish Date : 2022-02-01 00:00:00

7 of the Best Web Design Tools to create responsive website

Here are the best tools to use for website design:

1 Adobe CC Dreamweaver

As part of Adobe's Creative Cloud package, web development tool Adobe Dreamweaver is a popular and capable choice for many content developers. Dreamweaver, available for Windows and Mac, combines a WYSIWYG visual interface with a tidy, color-coded text editor to work directly on the code. Languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are supported.

Live preview is a major feature of Dreamweaver. It allows you to see your site on several platforms before publishing it. Your site will adapt to the size of the screen it is being viewed on, whether it is a desktop, tablet or smartphone. Building a website with the programme is simple and streamlined after you've learned it.

A subscription to Adobe's cloud-based services is necessary. You can pay monthly or yearly, with a modest savings. But you'll also get automatic upgrades, features, and support. Many designers require other Adobe products anyhow, so a package of some or all Creative Cloud apps is a reasonable purchase in terms of cost and tool integration.

2 WordPress. org

WordPress is a world unto itself. It's perfect for websites or blogs that routinely update content. To install WordPress, you will need your own web hosting account, which is usually straightforward as most hosts offer one-click WordPress installation. Its popularity stems in part from its availability as a free open-source download from WordPress. org. WordPress. com, on the other hand, offers paid services that allow you to host your site or blog on WordPress without access to the backend files or code.

With WordPress. org, you may develop your own themes or use those created by others. WordPress-specific themes and plugins are available for free or for purchase from a large development community. Some of these tools allow you to easily customise your site's style and layout. You could construct your website without touching the code, but now you can change it as much as you like.


Ultimately, web design is still a pile of code – letters, numbers, and symbols that tell a browser what to display. That's why text editors are still useful for many developers. But why code in Notepad when full-featured HTML editors like Atom exist? Atom is an open-source (and free) text editor that anybody can modify. He created it and links to a community that encourages contributions and support.

Atom works on Windows, Mac, and Linux and provides capabilities to make programming in several languages more efficient. It organises projects, has multi-pane views, and smart autocomplete. It's easy on the eyes with configurable text and background colours, styles, and formatting. You can customise the interface by selecting one of the pre-installed themes. Thousands of free user-made packages are available.

4 Webflow

Webflow is a WYSIWYG online website builder with added layers of complexity. It combines a CMS, forms and data, SEO tools, team communication, and certain e-commerce functionalities for online businesses and payments. Webflow also offers its own hosting service, which you can use for free as long as you exclusively host with Webflow.

For your new site, you'll find a vast and varied selection of free templates, with more available for purchase. These themes range from blogs to portfolios and e-commerce sites.

You may drag and drop design components, content, and even interactive/animated effects that traditionally need JavaScript into Webflow's Site Designer interface. Unlike most other easy site builders, Webflow lets you choose everything from fonts and colours to border thicknesses and spacing. Because everything is coded in HTML and CSS, prior coding knowledge is preferred. As a result, Webflow's code is cleaner than other "code-free" builders.

5 Sketch

While many web designers use Adobe Photoshop to build their aesthetic foundations, Sketch focuses on user interface and digital design. Sketch is a premium Mac-only software for creating, wireframing, and prototyping webpages and mobile apps. When working with vectors, you can mirror your work on iOS to see how it will look on a phone or tablet. Sketch also has collaborative options for sharing artboards and mockups with team members or clients.

Unlike full website builders and HTML editors, Sketch exports code and other files optimised and ready to be translated to HTML and CSS. There are also numerous plugins and extensions available to help streamline the process.

6 Wix

Website construction has never been easier thanks to internet website builders like Wix. It's easy to see why Wix is so popular because it's easy to create a professional-looking website with minimal work. The basic tools are always free, but you can upgrade to a monthly premium membership for more advanced professional capabilities.

Starting with Wix's Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI), which asks basic questions and generates a website based on your answers. Or you can pick from hundreds of stunning layouts developed by artists. From there, you can add, move, resize, and adjust modules without touching code. You can also add free and paid features to your pages like photo galleries, calendars, social media feeds, and music players. You may also track site traffic, consult an SEO expert, and maintain a database of contacts and subscribers.

7 Mobirise

With all the online DIY website builders available today, Mobirise offers an offline tool with equivalent features. Its intuitive drag-and-drop WYSIWYG interface allows anyone to create a clean, modern website. Bootstrap 5 mobile-first templates ensure sites are inherently responsive and look excellent on all devices.

Mobirise is free for Windows and Mac, but most themes, extensions, and content blocks are not. This contains a Code Editor addon that enables you alter any block's HTML/CSS or create your own, which may be useful if you want more freedom and control. After that, you can either publish straight to an FTP server or GitHub, or save to your computer to upload later.

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