What Is A Camping? About Types And Features

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Publish Date : 2021-06-10

What Is A Camping? About Types And Features

What is camping?

The word "camping" in English means camping in the open air. Therefore, camping in the English-speaking environment can even be called a bivouac of tourists or climbers. But most often, camping means a comfortable camp on long-term parking, for example Oregon Coast camping.  Camping is also the name for the parking lots themselves. They are of two types:

equipped and officially registered;


Equipped camping

Officially equipped outdoor parking for travelers. Usually they are trying to be located in picturesque natural places at a short distance from transport highways or in quiet urban suburbs. People come here in motorhomes, with residential trailers or tents to spend the night, spend time in nature or take a break from the road.

More often than not, it is more profitable than renting a room in a roadside hotel or city hotel, which is why campgrounds are in constant demand among travelers. In addition, in "close" Europe, it is relatively difficult to find a place for a personal camp: there are many private territories, parking on which requires agreement with the owner. And sometimes "wild" parking can be simply prohibited by local law.

When planning a road trip around Europe with camping stops, keep in mind that not all of them are geared towards tent owners. Camping can only be used by motorhome and caravan owners.


Organized campsites, in addition to parking, can provide travelers with a range of services: toilets, showers, water, electricity, organized garbage collection, sewerage for caravans and trailers, laundry, kitchen, playgrounds and sports grounds, and much more. Sometimes they even have small guest houses.


Oregon coast camping is usually confined to popular tourist routes or full-fledged recreation centers. On their territory, there are areas for setting up tents and parking, and for a fee, travelers can use the services of a shower, a bath, a dining room or a kitchen. Sometimes the official and “wild” formats of camping get mixed up. For example, a private territory is allocated for renting tent sites, but at the same time it has very minimal infrastructure - a sanitary zone, collection and disposal of garbage.


Self-organized parking. Rest by the savages

A comfortable camp for tourists and auto travelers outside the organized parking lots. This is the well-known recreation of the savages, which is perfectly reproduced in the Soviet comedy "Three plus two", and then in the Russian film "Savages".

Travelers independently choose a place for a camp and organize their life. In the USA and Europe it is called "wild camping" and means any parking outside of the prepared places, including bivouacs of various tourists. In some areas, wild camping may be prohibited by authorities or subject to strict regulations. Therefore, organizing a wild vacation in Europe and North America is often more difficult than in Russia.

The task of the camping is a comfortable stay in the camp with a well-functioning life.

People who are far from the world of tourism often find it difficult to understand how camping differs from sports tourism (hiking, water, cycling, etc.). Sometimes they use the same equipment, and the line between them becomes very thin for an outside observer. The answer is simple. Sports tourism is focused on overcoming an interesting route, and parking is only a small part of it, the bivouac is transferred almost daily. And the task of camping is a comfortable stay in a camp with a well-functioning life. In this sense, camping is possible even with an awning and a sleeping bag.

Sometimes tourism and camping get mixed up: people take a short route and arrange parking for a few days in order to relax in a remote and picturesque place.

In the English-speaking environment, similar terms are used to distinguish between camping and tourism. Camping sites and bivouac equipment are simply called camping. For example, camping stoves are camping stoves in all their variety, not just large camping stoves and stoves. To denote a comfortable stay in a camping and equipment for it, refined concepts are used: comfort camping or family camping.


The benefits of camping

All over the world, camping is appreciated for the opportunity to escape from the urban environment and be in nature. But people prefer a tent to a hotel room not out of despair - such a vacation has a number of not always obvious advantages:


availability of recreation;





Most often, accommodation in guest houses, hotels and recreation centers will cost significantly more than renting a place for a tent. Especially when it comes to a popular tourist area during the high season. The "wild" parking lot will cost free at all.

In Central and Eastern Europe, the price of an overnight stay in a campsite is on average 15-30 euros for two. At the same time, prices for economy class double rooms start at 45 euros. The situation is similar in Russia. For example, in Altai, renting a place for a tent is 100–300 rubles per person. And the price of a 2-bed economy class room or a small summer guest house usually starts from 1,500 rubles.


Of course, if you do not have equipment, then the cost of purchasing it can significantly exceed the cost of living. But the beauty of camping is that you only need a big tent to get started. Which, if you're lucky, you can rent or borrow from friends. Everything else: kitchen utensils, mattresses and blankets for sleeping places, folding garden furniture - can be taken from home or purchased at very affordable prices.

Depending on the specific camping site, the cost of renting a place may include certain benefits of civilization:

Sanitary area - toilet and washbasin. Cold showers in campsites are almost always provided free of charge, but hot showers and laundry, as a rule, come for a fee. In European campsites you can find automatic hot showers with coins: 1–2 euros = 4 minutes of hot water.

Personal water point. Some campsites have a centralized water supply. Knowing this, it is worth taking with you a hose and various adapters for connecting it.

Wi-Fi can be provided free of charge, but this is rare. In European campsites, they usually ask for a small fee for connecting each device or for an individual password to access the network. It's easier to buy a local SIM card.

You can almost always replenish your drinking water supply for free.

Some campsites offer free use of stoves and dishes.

Electricity. Camping sites usually offer the opportunity to recharge gadgets, GPS and phones for free. Electricity for more voracious consumers like hotplates, mini-fridges, home appliances from motorhomes and other things is billed by the meter. They are found in well-equipped campsites, where cables and electrical panels are connected to the pitches for the parking lot. But a personal electric point is not common. If the camping site where you are planning to stay, there are such, then it is worth bringing an extension cord and a tee.

Often on campgrounds there are tables with benches, small gazebos and areas for barbecues and barbecues. Sometimes they can be used for free, sometimes they are rented for a nominal fee.

Equipped playgrounds are not often found in campsites, but they are almost always free!



Resting in campsites, you do not tie yourself to a network of hotels and recreation centers. You do not need to rush to dinner, check-in or check-out time. You stay where it is convenient for you and when it is convenient for you: there is always a place to spend the night! In densely populated areas, there are many organized campgrounds, and in sparsely populated areas there are a lot of places for savages to rest. High mobility helps you to make your trip more comfortable and rich, but it requires the ability to plan a vacation and organize your life on your own. Keep in mind that during the holiday season it is difficult to find a free space in many of the popular European campsites!


Paradoxically, but resting in your own tent is often much more comfortable than in an inexpensive guest house or economy class room. Especially when the owners of a recreation center or hotel are irresponsible to the service. Inside the houses and rooms it can be stuffy, cramped, cold, dirty, damp. Facilities are often on the street or shared on the floor, and hot water can be interrupted.

A ban on indoor cooking can add to the problem. The administration usually does not monitor this, but if you try to stick to the rules, you will have to eat at a local cafe or canteen. And these are additional costs and not always a good menu.

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