Top Unique And Best Places in Korea 2022

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Top Unique And Best Places in Korea 2022

South Korea Attractions:

South Korea is a unique country where the modern high-tech era is intertwined with ancient buildings carefully guarded by the state. The sights of South Korea are ancient palaces, amazing nature, and modern megacities. What to see in South Korea if you are in this country for the first time? Especially for you, we have selected the most interesting places in this colorful Asian country.

What to see in South Korea first

Those who like well-organized and informative excursions definitely need guides in South Korea, who can express their wishes and go to explore the sights at the agreed time. If you prefer to travel on your own, then from the list presented, you can easily select suitable places to visit.

1. Gyeongbokgung (Seoul)

Gyeongbokgung is the main palace of the country, which many rightly call the Korean Kremlin. Travelers can easily find it in the heart of Seoul. It is impossible to visit a tourist city and forget to look into this place. The palace itself was built in the 14th century. For a number of reasons, he constantly changed his appearance. Most of the buildings that make up Gyeongbokgung are made of wood.

On the way to this South Korean landmark, there are several monuments dedicated to the medieval admiral named Lee Sun-sin. It was he who once invented armadillos. Also near the entrance to the palace you can see a monument that was erected in honor of the ruler Sechzha, who created the Korean alphabet. Behind this figure, there are gates that open the way to the sights. The gates are three entrances at once. The main entrance is always closed, as it is intended for the rightful ruler.

Tourists are surprised at the costumed guards of the palace, who have a beard glued on to give them solidity and stateliness. Every morning there is a changing of the guard. This procedure is accompanied by a bright performance, which is always interesting to watch.

2. Changdeokgung Palace (Seoul)

Many tours in Seoul include a trip to Changdeokgung Palace. He was one of the few who managed to retain his original appearance. The palace constantly had to be rebuilt and restored, but during the work the masters tried to preserve the real appearance of the building. Thanks to this, this landmark of South Korea still manages to convey the architectural style that the Joseon dynasty adhered to. Within the walls of the palace until his death, Emperor Sunjong lived, remembered in history as the last monarch of the country. In 1955, the architectural monument was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The territory of the palace turned out to be quite picturesque. This result was achieved for the reason that during construction it was necessary to reckon with non-standard terrain.

Thousands of tourists come to the foot of Eagle Peak Mountain to admire the beauty of Changdeokgung. Locals continue to believe that there is a unique energy in these parts that once filled the bodies of departed emperors with amazing power and knowledge. Thanks to this, they could wisely manage the whole country for many years.

3. Seoraksan National Park (Sokcho)

Seoraksan National Park is a cozy corner of nature. Travelers who have not decided what to visit in South Korea can safely go here to enjoy the incredible scenery. The park is famous all over the world for its waterfalls and geysers. Buddhist temples, which are more than one century old, did not go unnoticed. It is interesting that for this attraction of South Korea, territory was allocated in four neighboring cities at once. Local residents consider the park the main advantage of the country.

The national park successfully combines jagged peaks, beautiful waterfalls, deep caves and dense forests. Walking around Seoraksan, tourists can come across the Shinhungsa Temple, which is one of the oldest Buddhist buildings of religious significance.

Many travelers come to the park to enjoy the wildlife. They are fascinated by amazing mountain slopes with non-standard shapes and outlines. The forests of Seoraksan look most advantageous in the autumn, when the foliage of the trees begins to change color. On the mountain slopes you can see many rare representatives of the world of flora, which you will not find anywhere else.

4. Hwaseong Fortress (Suwon)

Going on a trip to South Korea, be sure to set aside a whole day to visit the "blooming castle" in the provincial capital of Gyeonggi-do. Exactly a day will be needed in order to be enough in the fortress. After all, Hwaseong is so large in scale that it could compete with the Moscow Kremlin.

On the territory of the "Diamond Fortress" (another name for the castle) there are numerous palace buildings and high former watchtowers - a total of 40 buildings. You can get inside by passing through the majestic gates located along the perimeter of the castle to all four cardinal points. It is still possible to explore on foot the walls with a length of more than five kilometers, but going around them around is not an easy task.

Some of the fortifications are located on the top, while the other part is on steep hills. Although a special tram may arrive to help travelers.

The title of "blooming" was given to the fortress for its picturesque panoramic views. The mighty stone walls of the castle rise proudly in the thicket of green gardens. If you have not seen Hwaseong, then you have not seen the real sights of South Korea.

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