Most Famous Places in Sri Lanka 2022

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Most Famous Places in Sri Lanka 2022

Attractions of Sri Lanka:

Paradise, blessed land, the world of Buddhism, fragrant Ceylon tea and various spices - this is how the island of Sri Lanka appears to its guests. Despite the fact that this amazing island has a very tiny size, a whole scattering of miracles is concentrated here - these are the most diverse sights of Sri Lanka, on the basis of which your first acquaintance with this country will take place. Despite the fact that Sri Lanka, being an island nation, is famous for its beautiful beaches, there is something to see in Sri Lanka and beyond them. Everyone will find something interesting for themselves - both lovers of culture, art, nature, and fans of outdoor activities.

What to see in Sri Lanka first

It is quite difficult to list all the famous sights of the country, and choosing what to see in Sri Lanka in 1 day is not an easy task at all. For this purpose, a rating of the most interesting sights with a brief description was compiled, which will be discussed later.


In the central part of the island of Sri Lanka there is an important attraction that has become the hallmark of the country. This is Sigiriya, or "Lion Rock", located on the site of a volcano that fell asleep millions of years ago. The frozen lava formed a plateau where an ancient castle was erected in the first centuries of our era. The ruins of this fortress have survived to this day, but even from the ruins one can judge the former grandeur of the structure. The entrance to the castle was once carved in the shape of a huge lion, but nowadays only its paws can be seen - this is all that remains of the stone giant.

Adam's Peak

Among all the excursions in Sri Lanka, climbing the sacred mountain - Adam's Peak is especially popular. This place of worship, located at an altitude of 2.2 kilometers, has become an occasion for pilgrimage for representatives of four religions, including Christianity. On the first steps, the participants of the ascent are greeted by a Buddha statue, and then travelers will have a difficult path - about 6 thousand steps, which take about 4 hours to climb. The path, which begins closer to night, ends with a bewitching dawn, and at the top, visitors have the opportunity to see the footprint, which, according to legend, was left by the enlightened Buddha himself.

Kumana National Park

In the southeastern region of Sri Lanka there is a national park, which is famous for the variety of feathered inhabitants inhabiting it - about 250 different species in total, among which are different types of inhabitants of swamps, lakes and ponds, as well as land inhabitants. In addition to birds, there are many reptiles, as well as mammals, the largest of which is the Sri Lankan elephant. Extensive water and wetlands are surrounded by a drier zone of tropical forests. Those who wish can stay in the park for a few days - there is a campsite in the park for this purpose.

Kandy Valley

Reviews of connoisseurs of natural beauties indicate that one of the bewitching beauty places of Sri Lanka is located a hundred kilometers from the capital city of Colombo. We are talking about the beautiful Kandy Valley, in which the ancient city of the same name is located, which was once the legendary capital of the island kingdom. In its center is an artificial lake, and in the middle of it, an ancient palace rises on an island. Hiking is a convenient way to discover the original culture and natural beauty of Kandy, especially since there are many educational trekking routes in the area.

Yala National Park

The special pride of the inhabitants of Sri Lanka is the nature reserves, the pearl among which is the Yala National Park. Among the 12 other reserves, Yala is considered the oldest, the second largest on the island. The territory of the park is a flat landscape, mostly dry soils with small oases. Only its western part is accessible to visitors, while the eastern part is reserved for the work of natural scientists. In total, the park is inhabited by more than 200 species of birds and 44 species of mammals, among which the largest is the Ceylon elephant.

Port of Colombo

Continuing the journey, it is worth paying attention to the city of Colombo on the west coast of Sri Lanka. This is the most populous city on the island, and most of all it is famous for its seaport, the largest and oldest in all of South Asia. Just think - Colombo became a trading port more than 2 millennia ago, and to this day it is the busiest on the island. 24 hours a day, without any breaks, the port does not stop its work. Such a high responsibility in work is also explained by the fact that Colombo also serves as a naval base in Sri Lanka.

St. Clair's Falls

Choosing what to visit in Sri Lanka from natural beauties, it is impossible to pass by one of the treasures of the island - St. Clair Falls. Until some time, St. Clair was the widest waterfall in Sri Lanka, but with the opening of the hydroelectric project, the volume of water in it has noticeably decreased. But despite this, the width of the falling cascade is impressive and is about 50 meters. Flowing through picturesque tea plantations, St. Clair is divided into two segments - large and small. Going down from the main tourist road to the plantation, you can find a bewitching view of the falling water stream.

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