Most Amazing And Famous Places in Philippines

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Most Amazing And Famous Places in Philippines

Philippines Attractions:

Between the Philippine and China seas there are more than 7 thousand small and large islands, bearing one beautiful name - the Philippines. These islands have always attracted the attention of tourists, and everyone found something to see in the Philippines, based on their interests and preferences, whether it be nature, parks, palaces or entire islands. Incredible landscapes, comfortable beach holidays, original traditions and cuisine, excellent conditions for diving, ecotourism and even extreme mountaineering, as well as the unique sights of the Philippines, dispersed across different islands of one state - all this makes the Philippines one of the most popular Asian countries in the field of tourism.

What to see in the Philippines first

When choosing where to go in the Philippines, everyone is faced with the need to choose, and sometimes this choice is complicated by the variety of places and the rigid time frame of the future trip. The top 30 below will allow you to briefly get acquainted with the main attractions and choose what to see in the Philippines in 1 day or any available time period.

1. City of Manila

Traditionally, the rating opens the capital of the state - the city of Manila. This is one of the largest and most populous cities in Asia, and as a rule, it is from here that acquaintance with the Philippines begins. Here our time and antiquity coexist, modern business centers and ancient historical buildings, luxurious villas and poor quarters. It is recommended to stay here for 1-2 days, take a sightseeing tour, get into the historical district of Intramuros, the Chinatown quarter, walk through the museums and the Rizal Park, and it is best to end the walk in a local restaurant or a bar with live music.

2. Intramuros area

The old city with an area of ​​​​about 60 hectares, surrounded by fortified walls, was Manila until the 20th century, and after that it became only one of the districts of the city. Unlike the modern districts of Manila, Intramuros is an ideal place for a leisurely stroll and exploring local historical sites such as Fort Santiago, the Church of St. Augustine, the Spanish colonial era house-museum or the square with the monument to Carlos IV.

3. Palawan Island

One of the largest islands of the Philippine archipelago with the province of the same name located here is the island of Palawan, which is a large land area with untouched tropical forests, mangroves and mountains. This island is considered the safest corner of the Philippines, which bypasses the natural elements. There are no active volcanoes here, and therefore earthquakes and typhoons do not happen - all disasters bypass this place. The main wealth of the island is the El Nido nature reserve, as well as many wild beaches untouched by civilization. The coastal waters of Palawan are ideal for snorkeling.

4. Boracay Island

Despite its modest size, the Philippine island of Boracay is considered one of the best places for a beach holiday. Boracay, the beach capital of the Philippines, was the unattainable dream of many adventurers back in the 20th century. A few decades ago, the island did not even have electricity, and only from the 80s of the last century, the first hotels began to be built here. Today, hundreds of thousands of tourists come here every year to dive, surf, bask in peace on the sandy beach, and in the evening to taste cocktails in beach bars or rejuvenate in numerous spas.

5. White Beach

When choosing what to visit in the Philippines in terms of a beach holiday, you should definitely opt for the White Beach of Boracay Island. Why is he so remarkable? White Beach is about 5 kilometers of white coral sand and flawless azure sea, where you can choose a vacation to your taste, since the beach is divided into 3 parts. The first part of the coast has a calm atmosphere, luxurious hotels and resorts. The second part is for lovers of noisy entertainment, restaurants and bars. The third is for fans of wild holidays, which has several cozy bungalows for quiet leisure.

6. José Rizal Park

Jose Rizal Historic City Park in downtown Manila has a long history. Back in the Middle Ages, a Tagalog settlement was located on this territory, and in the 18th century, during the era of Spanish colonization, a Spanish military hospital and some fortifications were located here, and nearby is a square in honor of the Spanish king, once known as the center of social life of the people of Manila. Today, the main attraction is the monument to Rizal, the Filipino educator, erected here in 1913, after whom this park was named.

7. Manila Ocean Park

Not far from the old district of Intramuros is another of the best attractions in the Philippines - Manila Ocean Park, a marine theme park where guests are invited to visit the aquarium and get to know the many inhabitants of the deep sea, passing through a huge 25-meter tunnel. The glass walls of the tunnel hang right over your head, creating the maximum effect of presence. Here you can also visit other thematic areas: for example, feed penguins directly from your hands, admire exotic birds or communicate with sea lions.

8. The Historic City of Vigan

In the western part of the Philippine island of Luzon, right on the coast, is the historic city of Vigan. The history of the city begins in the 16th century, during the era of Spanish colonization, and its streets are an architectural mixture of Spanish and Filipino buildings. Among the most famous sights of the city are St. Paul's Cathedral, the Residence of the Archbishop, Salcedo Square and Burgos. For a complete impression, it is worth visiting the Pagburnian area, where the famous Vigan jugs are made, or walking along one of the main streets of Vigan - Mena Crisologo Street, the pavement of which was paved with stones back in the 16th and 17th centuries.

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