Japan Famous And Unique Places List

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Japan Famous And Unique Places List

The culture and traditions of Japan attract with their calm beauty and balance. There is a deep meaning in every detail of architectural monuments and amazing buildings. The sights of Japan are enchanting! Millions of tourists come to this amazing country every year to contemplate the wonderful landscapes and enjoy the local attractions. Like a delicate cherry blossom, curious corners of nature, architecture and cultural values ​​of the East are revealed to travelers. Subtlety, grace and elegance of lines and shapes - this is Japan. If you do not know what to see in Japan, then be sure to read this review of the most interesting places in the Land of the Rising Sun.

What to see in Japan first

For a European, any Japanese city is an attraction in itself, but in all its diversity there are those objects that every traveler should see.

1. Fusimi-inari Temple (Kyoto)

One of the historical symbols of Japan is the Fushimi-Inari Shrine or the Sanctuary of a thousand scarlet gates, dedicated to the goddess of rice fertility. Grandiose tunnels with portals intended for the gods were created according to Shinto beliefs. The Japanese believe that visiting Fushimi Inari Shrine brings success and prosperity.

  • The central gate of the sanctuary is decorated with two foxes. They are the most revered animals in Japanese folklore and mythology.
  • When visiting the Temple, one must follow a clear ritual, the first condition of which is a mandatory donation. It is left in the offertory - a box for coins.
  • The sacred complex consists of five main chapels, interconnected by tunnels of torii gates. They are people's donations to the Temple.

It is better to visit Fushimi-Inari at night to enjoy the mysterious and mystical atmosphere of a thousand scarlet gates. The pilgrimage through a long tunnel lasts a couple of hours, then travelers enter the main sanctuary. On the way you can see many statues of foxes, small chapels and graves. Half way there is an observation platform with a beautiful view of the city of Kyoto.

2. Sky tree (Tokyo)

The Tokyo Skytree is the second tallest TV tower in the world. This graceful architectural structure of glass, concrete and metal shot up thanks to the efforts of experienced designers and engineers. The height of the building is 634 meters. Half a million people worked on this project. The grandiose Tokyo sky tree is worthy of admiration:

  • Tourists will be able to contemplate the capital of Japan, which is spread out in full view at the foot of a huge TV tower.
  • There are no open areas and balconies here, so panoramic shots can only be taken through glass.
  • It is noteworthy that the roof of the TV tower is located at a height of 470 meters, and the rest of the footage is the antenna.
  • The first observation deck is located at a 350-meter height and can accommodate up to 2,000 people, while the second one spirals around the spire, taking up to 900 visitors.

3. Garbage Island (Tokyo)

The futuristic city of the future is located on Odaiba Island in Tokyo Harbor. It is a walker's paradise, a holiday city glowing with thousands of lights. Why is the island called Garbage? In 1979, it was merged with a garbage dump, which did not prevent the original site from developing at a rapid pace. Garbage Island is connected to Tokyo by the Rainbow Bridge. You can get to the island by a monorail that meanders over Tokyo Harbor in an intricate loop, as well as by river trams or by a special ship resembling a space shuttle. Impressions from the tour are simply unreal! In this city of the future, the headquarters of the largest corporations are located.

The attention of travelers is attracted by the Fuji-TV titanium ball, the Aqua City shopping center, the Tokyo Joypolis attractions and the 100-meter Ferris wheel. Garbage Island has a lot to see in Japan. These are a skyscraper robot, a copy of the Statue of Liberty, exhibits of the Toyota automobile brand, and a museum ship. But the island is especially beautiful at night in the light of bright lights. From the site of the "Telecom Center" a wonderful view of the Rainbow Bridge at night opens.

4. Asakusa District (Tokyo)

The sights of Japan are unique and unrepeatable. These include the Asakusa district in central Tokyo with an old city vibe. It is here that the Japanese flavor dominates the urbanization of a huge metropolis. Interesting places and architectural monuments are located within walking distance, but you can use the services of a rickshaw.

What to see in Japan in the Asakusa area:

  • Temple complex Sensoji.
  • Asakusa Buddhist Temple.
  • Souvenir street "Nakamise-dori".

In the Asakusa area, Japanese traditions are sacred, there is absolutely no transport on the streets, but there are many cozy restaurants and cafes with Japanese cuisine, there are souvenir shops and shops where you can buy original jewelry, sweets, magical amulets and fragrant incense.

Asakusa Kannon Temple attracts the largest number of tourists. A popular national festival, the Sanja Matsuri, is held on the territory of the shrine in May. On the approaches to the temple there are small chapels, and in front of the entrance to the main hall there is an incense burner. It is the Asakusa district that reflects the originality of Japanese culture and traditions.

5. Tsukiji Fish Market (Tokyo)

Tourists have a question “What to do in the fish market?”. Indeed, fish markets are rarely referred to as attractions, but are perceived as retail outlets, but not the Tsukiji market, located in the heart of Tokyo. It has gained immense popularity with tourists who know what to visit in Japan. Every day, up to two thousand tons of fresh fish and seafood are processed here.

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