Best Place For Visit in Norway 2022

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Best Place For Visit in Norway 2022

Norway is a country of contrasts; holidays in it are interesting at any time of the year. Going on a trip, you need to prepare not only financially and emotionally, but also organizationally. The sights of Norway delight with their abundance and diversity, some call it a country of real magic. And now let's move on to the main thing to see in Norway in order to feel all the atmosphere of this place on planet Earth.

What to see in Norway first of all?

Recommendations regarding travel to the northern country are very diverse. What you need to do without fail is to enjoy the beauty of the polar nights, to appreciate how bright the festivities are organized by the locals. Below is an overview of places that you should pay attention to first of all.

1. Geirangerfjord

It is unlikely that you will remain indifferent if you see this creation of nature with your own eyes. We are talking about a small, but with a magnificent landscape, a fjord. Its length is 20 km, but this does not prevent it from being the most visited. Assessing all the sights of Norway, seasoned tourists put the deep-sea emerald sea bay with rocky shores in the first place. If your soul craves entertainment, you can fish, go kayaking, try rafting. It also offers horseback riding and even in the summer you can go skiing.

2. Ryorus

Numerous positive reviews has one of the UNESCO sites. In the past, it was a city where copper ore miners lived, now this place is associated with tourism. From the history of the sights of Norway, it is known that the city was designed and built by King Christian IV, he was an architect. In the period 1678-1718. the settlement was attacked by the Swedes, they burned it, but the life of the city did not end there. Over time, it was restored, today every tourist can appreciate the splendor of the restored living open-air museum.

3. Weringspossen

The Hardangerfjord contains the sights of Norway, and more than one. Among them, the famous waterfall far beyond the borders of the country deserves special attention. It is located in the county of Hordaland, its height is 182 m. The official description of this place says that there is an observation deck nearby, from which you can clearly see the waterfall and the often appearing rainbow.

4. Copper Nordcap

If you dream of seeing the ocean from a high cliff, literally being at the end of the world, then you need to try to get to the Norwegian cape called North Cape. It is considered the northernmost point in Europe. This attraction in Norway has many positive properties. This is a well-developed infrastructure, the availability of convenient access roads, the magnificence of local landscapes. Guides in Norway consider it their duty to acquaint the guests of the country with this magnificent place. In summer, the sun does not go below the horizon, and in winter, the most amazing and beautiful performance takes place in the form of the northern lights.

5. Stave Church in Urnes

The sights of Norway, without exception, are beautiful, original and amazing. A striking example is the mast temple, in the decor of which one can see Christian and pagan motifs. Building XIII became a UNESCO monument. It was with the stave rock that the introduction of a new form of wooden architecture began. During archaeological excavations, the remains of three churches were discovered, standing on the site of the Stave Church before its appearance. Here you can take many beautiful photos against the backdrop of mountains, the sea and the building itself.

6. Viking Ship Museum

Describing the sights of Norway, I would like to draw your attention to the museum built in 1913. It stores boats raised from the seabed. Scientific studies have shown that all of them were built in the 9th century, and lay on the clay bottom for 1000 years. It is assumed that one of the vessels, namely with carved patterns, once belonged to the leader's wife. Excursions in Norway to the described museum are held quite often. Guides draw the attention of tourists to the ship located in the eastern wing of the building, it is believed that it was intended for long-distance travel. The smallest is the third vessel, of which only some fragments have survived.

7. Jostedalsbreen

It is the largest glacier in Europe. It looks like a plateau with 26 ice tongues extending in different directions. The total area of ​​this attraction in Norway is 1600 km². Other, no less famous glaciers originate from it. The territory occupied by the glacier includes several municipalities. A little over 25 years ago, a park of national importance was founded here.

8. Bruggen

Not everyone knows that it was from this area that the formation of the city of Bergen began. This landmark of Norway is also included in the UNESCO list. Many years ago, fishmongers and artisans settled on the shore of the described bay. At a certain point in the existence of the district, there was a large-scale fire, after which many buildings were restored, and some were rebuilt. A trip here will be remembered for a large number of wooden houses, statues on their facades, and boardwalks. Craft shops, small restaurants, art galleries are of interest.

9. Vigeland Sculpture Park

When thinking about what to visit in Norway, pay attention to one of the most visited attractions, not only by visitors, but also by locals. This place has over 200 sculptures created by national artist Gustav Vigeland. The park is characterized by well-groomed, all creations on its territory are located very picturesquely. What to see in Norway, namely in Vigeland Park? The open-air museum not only has beautiful landscapes, but also a large number of comfortable places for recreation, paths.

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