Best And Most Famous Places in Taiwan

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Best And Most Famous Places in Taiwan

Taiwan is a modern country that is developing rapidly, but retains its traditions and history. There are not very many ancient architectural structures left here, but those that appear to the eye are forever engraved in memory.

In Taipei, you can see skyscrapers next to ancient temples. The city has many night markets that attract a lot of tourists. The famous Taipei 101 skyscraper, climbing to its observation deck is a mandatory item in the program of any tourist. It is also impossible not to look into the old Taipei Zoo, which has a huge collection of animals and beautiful nature.

 There is also somewhere to take a break from the noisy metropolis. The island is full of amazing places. Here you can find harsh, picturesque mountains shrouded in mist. And you can lie in the sun on a warm beach, look at the azure water, take a walk in cozy parks. Nature did not stint decorating Taiwan.

Taiwan has many national parks that are happy to welcome tourists. They are very diverse and you should definitely visit at least one of them. The Lake of the Sun and the Moon deserves special attention. This is probably one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

Taipei City

It is the capital of Taiwan, its economic and educational center. Mountains surround it on three sides. The skyscrapers of Taipei compete with their height, including the Taipei 101 skyscraper, which is one of the tallest in the world. In addition to museums, temples and gardens, the city attracts tourists with its modern side: night markets, shopping and entertainment centers.

Skyscraper Taipei 101

It is the sixth tallest skyscraper in the world. It consists of 101 floors, where shops, restaurants, clubs are located. The height of the building is 509.2 meters. Two high-speed elevators lift tourists to the observation deck on the 89th floor in just 39 seconds. These are the fastest elevators in the world. The design of the skyscraper is postmodern combined with traditional motifs. The special design makes the skyscraper resistant to typhoons and earthquakes.

Kinmen archipelago

It is an archipelago of six islands located in the west of the Taiwan Strait. Its name translates as "Golden Gate". They are quite close to Fujian province. The area of ​​the islands is slightly more than 150 km². The largest of them is Kinmen. Most of the population lives on it. The archipelago has been the scene of wars between China and Taiwan.

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

This is a striking example of temple architecture, the second most popular attraction in Taiwan. It was built in honor of former President Chiang Kai-shek. The complex includes the square, the National Concert Hall and the National Theatre. And on the sides of the memorial hall are beautiful ponds. They were presented to the complex by General Ho Ying-Chin.

Memorial Hall of Sun Yat-sen

The essence of Yat-sen is considered the founder of the Republic of China, the Taiwanese revere him very much. A memorial hall was erected in his honor in 1972. It is located near the Taipei 101 skyscraper. The total area of ​​the building is almost 30 thousand m². In the memorial hall there is an exhibition center, a lecture hall, a library with more than 300 thousand books. The complex is surrounded by a park with an amazing lake.

taipei zoo

This is the largest and oldest zoo on the island. It was founded in 1914. The zoo has many sections, and its total area is 160 hectares. Of these, only 90 hectares are available to visitors. In the zoo you can see animals from Africa, Asia, Australia and Taiwan. Among them are camels, Himalayan bears, lions, antelopes, rhinoceroses and more than 130 species of birds. More than 4 million tourists visit the zoo every year.

Maokong mountain cable car

This is a cable car with which tourists and residents of the city get to Maokong Mountain. It was designed in 2007. It starts at the subway station at the Taipei Zoo. Its length is 4 km, and the climb time is 30 minutes. During this time, tourists stop at several stations with attractions: an observation deck and the Zoah Temple. In total, there are five wagons on the cable car.

Presidential palace

The palace was built in 1919. Initially, it was the home of the governor-generals of Taiwan, there were 11 of them in total, and in 1950 the building turned into the Presidential Palace. The appearance of the palace is very attractive and bright, and in its center rises an 11-story tower, which has had an elevator since its construction. Inside, tourists are greeted by an elegant interior with an interesting exposition.

Imperial Palace Museum

This art and history museum is located in Taipei, opened in 1925. In 2015, it was the 6th most visited in the world. The museum is one of the largest on the planet and keeps a huge collection of expensive and valuable historical monuments of Chinese culture. The number of its exhibits is 7 thousand, and the age of the oldest is 8 thousand years. Near the museum there is a traditional Chinese park.

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