Best And Most Charming Places in Nepal

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Best And Most Charming Places in Nepal

Numerous sights of Nepal and high-class hotel service are available to tourists almost at any time of the year. Here you can organize a vacation for every taste, from immersion in the world of spiritual teachings, ending with spa treatments. And no matter how luxurious the hotels in Nepal are, the most beautiful is located outside them. Stunning views, a variety of active entertainment, ancient temples and an abundance of sacred places await foreign visitors. It is extremely difficult to say what to see in Nepal in 1 day, because there are dozens of beautiful and interesting places for tourists. We have compiled a rating that presents the best attractions - you can use it as a guide when preparing your trip. Wherever you decide to go, do not forget to buy souvenirs (teas, ceramics, clothes and blankets made from natural materials),

What to see in Nepal first

When choosing what to visit in Nepal, you should start from who you are traveling with (alone, with family, friends), for how long and what ideas you have about a good vacation. The choice of place of residence also depends on preferences. Mostly here is a mountainous area, so it is inconvenient to travel long distances every day, and the main attractions are scattered throughout the territory. Initially, decide what you want more - make tracks, see ancient buildings, visit national parks, etc.

Here are the sights of Nepal that you should definitely consider as elements of a tourist route:

1. City of Kathmandu

The city of Kathmandu is a non-standard metropolis, which has a special atmosphere of antiquity due to the many buildings of an old building. Do not know what to see in Nepal, having arrived in the capital for just a day? We recommend visiting temples, walking along the narrow streets, observing the local way of life, and be sure to see at least a couple of museums and palace complexes with truly priceless items. If you can't book a hotel, check out the newly opened tourist center near Palace Square, where there is wireless Internet, overnight rooms and an inexpensive cafe.

2. Durbar Square (Kathmandu)

Durbar Square (Kathmandu) is a unique space in the capital, where there are approximately fifty objects recognized as the cultural and historical heritage of the country. An essential nuance is that in order to see the archaeological monuments, the tourist will have to pay an entrance ticket valid for a day. Not all buildings have survived in good condition - this is largely due to the destruction after a strong earthquake in the thirties of the last century. The most interesting thing for travelers will be inside the Hanuman Dhoka palace complex. If you wish, you can see the city from a bird's eye view by climbing the tower.

3. Kathmandu Valley

The Kathmandu Valley is a well-known landmark of Nepal, attracting with a huge number of historical and archeological monuments (the total number exceeds 130 objects). During an excursion or an independent visit, you can see the buildings erected in the first century, as well as examine the decoration of the temples, which are considered sacred to the followers of Hinduism and Buddhism.

4. Lumbini

Lumbini is the most popular place among Buddhists - it was here, according to ancient legends, that Shakyamuni Buddha was born. Keep in mind that pilgrims and ordinary tourists constantly come here, so be prepared for a large number of people around. However, the size of the complex allows you to enjoy the tour of the stupa, temple buildings and monasteries. The list of the main attractions of Nepal includes the Maya Devi temple with a nearby column of the ruler Ashoka - you should definitely get into it.

5. The ancient city of Patan (Lalitpur)

The ancient city of Patan (Lalitpur) is now practically part of Kathmandu, which used to be a separate settlement with temples of various divine beings. A visit to a real Buddhist monastery will be very interesting, especially since it was here that the coronations of Nepalese rulers once took place. Other popular attractions are souvenir shops and a zoo, where children will especially like it.

6. City of Pokhara

The city of Pokhara is one of the most populated cities in the country and is the starting point for travelers climbing the peaks of the Himalayas. Mostly guests of the city spend time on the shores of Lake Phewa, enjoying amazing views, and in its surroundings, where hotels, cafes, restaurants and even several nightclubs operate.

7. Kangchenjunga mountain range

The Kanchenjunga mountain range - includes five mountain peaks that form a natural border with neighboring India. For the first time, it was possible to climb Kanchenjunga only in the fifties of the last century, although there were attempts to do this as early as 1905. The massif is distinguished by a high level of difficulty of climbing, so only those who are professionally engaged in mountaineering and not the first year should go here.

8. Mount Chomolungma (Everest)

Mount Chomolungma (Everest) is the mountain that has made Nepal a world famous tourist destination. Having the highest height among the existing peaks, Everest attracts ordinary people and climbers with different levels of experience. Due to weather conditions, it is best to climb the mountain in the autumn-spring period, and it is not necessary to reach the top. For less prepared travelers, special camps are equipped at an altitude of 6.4 and 5.3 kilometers. When going to the mountains, you should take into account the significant costs of money and time, because in order to prepare for the ascent, you need at least 60 days.

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