A Story of Challenges and Flip-Flops in the Era of Globalization

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Publish Date : 2021-02-09

A Story of Challenges and Flip-Flops in the Era of Globalization

Anangcozz.com - Hello Masbro, “Flip-flops”, who doesn't know flip-flops? Is it possible that someone here has never worn flip-flops? The simplest type of sandal but its existence is always there and needed at all times, including in the current era of modernization and globalization.

Stories of Flip-Flops Craftsmen and Other Related Parties

Also producing unique flip-flops, Firmansyah, the owner of Sancu Creative Indonesia, is successful in his field. Initially, Firman just intended to help a friend get the bag on the cupboard. However, he accidentally dropped another sandal that was cute in shape. From there, he thought about becoming a large distributor of unique flip flops in Jabodetabek.

In fact, at that time, Firman was still a Civil Servant (PNS) of the Ministry of Trade in Ciracas. At first he was not even interested in being an entrepreneur.

Firman finally invited the craftsmen in Siduarjo to start the first production of 1,800 pairs of sandals in a week. Firman's party worked on the design, while the execution was carried out with craftsmen. Marketing of flip-flops was carried out by word of mouth and friends. Well, the profits from the first sale are used for additional capital so that production can increase to 300 thousand pairs per month.

Now, he already has 30 types of flip-flops designs, ranging from cartoon characters to cute animals. Firman said that the price of these cute sandals is in the range of 25 thousand rupiah to 35 thousand rupiah. This price is given to consumers, but if it is to distributors, the price given is cheaper.

The unique design of Sancu products is what attracts foreigners to hunt them down. Marketing has reached West Java, Jakarta, to East Indonesia, and even Malasia. Sancu's monthly turnover can reach 4 billion. Because of his high demand, Firman claimed that Sancu was the leader in the flip-flops business class for four years.

There's sugar, there's ants. Every effort must have its obstacles.

Behind the success of the flip-flops craftsmen, there are obstacles that await. One of the things that is currently busy is the expansion of Chinese products to Indonesia.

Since the implementation of the China ASEAN Free Trade Area (CAFTA), Chinese products have made it easier to enter Indonesia. This certainly has an impact on the local craft market.

According to a Tanah Abang merchant, the quality of Chinese products is considered higher quality than local products. The price was also cheaper, so he chose to sell Chinese goods. Eighty percent of the goods sold at Tanah Abang Market are Chinese products.

A toy dealer in another location admitted that Chinese toys are more durable and long lasting. The price is relatively cheaper. He also said that after CAFTA, local toy prices fell by 5 to 10 percent. This was decided by local producers in order to compete with Chinese products.

Imitation Products Destroy the Ecosystem of Indonesian Handicraft Products

Another challenge for local craftsmen is the proliferation of imitation or imitation goods. Manufacturers of counterfeit goods are very aggressive in marketing their goods, because they see that the Indonesian market is very potential.

Why do people like to buy counterfeit goods? In fact, there is pride when you wear goods with famous brands. However, well-known brands often charge very high prices. That's why people with a certain economic level can't buy it and choose counterfeit goods at low prices.

Besides that, sometimes the quality of KW goods is not far from the original. Counterfeits can also be easily found on the market.

In fact, local handicrafts have enormous potential. This sector contributes greatly to the national economy. The fact is, the export value of local handicrafts always increases every year. Local market interest is equally high when seen from the data on the increasing consumption of local handicraft households.

Efforts to address the problem of counterfeit products

Indonesia have become the world's largest consumer of counterfeit goods. The Indonesian Society Against Counterfeiting Survey (MIAP) shows that the numbers are quite concerning. This thriving market attracts entrepreneurs through counterfeit goods.

In fact, the government is already supporting the elimination of counterfeit goods. However, people are still stubborn about not shopping for their products.

One solution to this problem is early education about intellectual property rights. Hence, the role of parents is important in this matter.

MIAP itself has made many efforts, including outreach to the community. Well, there are also other private parties that have started to work in the field of increasing the local craft industry.

One of them is Qlapa. This site connects craftsmen and buyers via the internet. So, handicrafts in the regions can be marketed without limitation of space and time.

This innovation originated from Benny Fajarai and Fransiskus Xaverius who saw the great potential of local crafts. So, the site was launched in November 2015.

Currently there are thousands of products that are marketed there, ranging from  to household furniture. Qlapa has helped craftsmen as well as facilitated the shopping style of consumers.

The contemporarymodel that has never been imagined



flip-flopsSo far, the impression of flip-flops is still embedded in conventional rubber sandals. In fact, there are so many variants of this footwear on the market. All of that is the result of creative ideas of the craftsmen.

For example, suppose there is a unique product named. Unlike most sandals in general, Aqila Sandal Gold has a unique leg hook. He provides two horizontal hooks for the instep and toe. The instep hook is given a unique perforated accent. There is also a special hook for your big toe.

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