They create an iPhone X with loose parts

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Publish Date : 2020-11-09

They create an iPhone X with loose parts

Building a computer in pieces is common. The user chooses the components that he wants the equipment to carry and, if he has enough skill, he can assemble them himself, or ask an acquaintance or professional to do it. This practice is often carried out by people who use the PC to play games or for other demanding tasks such as video editing. However, making a smartphone by parts is not usual.

We have seen concepts and prototypes of modular smart phones whose components can be interchanged depending on the user's needs. If you want a better camera or processor you just have to change the corresponding "block" and that's it. But we are not ready for this yet.

However, YouTube user Nikolay Tanev has managed to make several iPhones from loose parts. And they are fully functional. He started with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 last year , and in this he has managed to mount an iPhone X.

How could it be otherwise this feat has been carried out in China, more specifically in ShenZhen . This city in the Asian country is known for being a technological "Mecca" where you can find anything that contains electronic components. Tanev says that the market in which he obtained the parts is gigantic, with four plants and hundreds of vendors.

He assures that a second-hand or refurbished iPhone X would be around $ 500, and that building it from scratch is not much cheaper , approaching the value of an already used unit if you choose the best. However, it is much more fun for him to do it this way, since he can choose the parts and check their quality.

Buying the iPhone X parts

Tanev comments that the price of the motherboard has cost him 280 dollars , being compatible with the new Face ID facial recognition security system. The internal storage is 64 GB.

Then he goes for the back and gets iPhone X parts, which after searching a lot found one in perfect condition with no scratches. The camera and battery are included , making assembly a breeze. However, you can buy it separately if you prefer. $ 100 more. Due to distrust, he preferred to buy a new battery, since he did not trust the condition of the previous one, and the rest of the parts cost him less than two dollars.

Now he goes for the screen. Many of them had minor flaws, so he decided to play it safe and buy an original OLED panel that cost him $ 130 . He was able to test its operation right there in front of the seller.

The iPhone X assembly process

Tanev didn't have to assemble the device, someone else did it, someone with a lot of experience who had already done it hundreds of times . Within what fits, once an iPhone is assembled, they all assembled. But the interesting part comes later, when they test the device's sensors.

The head of the person who assembles the terminal is in charge of verifying that the cameras, accelerometer, compass and speakers work correctly before closing it completely. And Face ID works flawlessly. They have diagnostic software that reveals if there is any part defective or with reduced capabilities. This whole process took only 30 minutes.


Tanev wants his iPhone to look as new as possible, so he buys a 64GB internal storage iPhone X case with apple stickers for $ 4. Also purchase a charging cable and power adapter.

Between all the parts, assembly process and "accessories" it has spent about $ 500 . On his own he does some last checks, especially the battery, which shows that it is in perfect condition with its 100% maximum capacity, which shows that it is new, and the LTE / 4G connection.

Is it worth building a smartphone from scratch?

Most people do not have the option of mounting a smartphone in mind because it is not as simple to do as with a computer. This could only be achieved in places like the market Tanev went to in ShenZhen.

He himself says that he did it for fun , for no other reason. The best option will always be to buy a complete iPhone X, and not by parts. But the most interesting thing is that knowing how Apple's repair policy is all the components work without problems.

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