Planning to invest in a Gojek Clone app? Read this short guide!

Author : Jerlinjustin
Publish Date : 2020-11-30

Planning to invest in a Gojek Clone app? Read this short guide!

If you are thinking about launching a Gojek Clone app you probably know why it has gained popularity among users. In case you didn't, here’s a brief intro. Gojek is an on-demand multi service app hosting 50+ services. It is a one app solution that has 10 million active users and 40 million app downloads. Gojek is a phenomenon that is turning heads, especially those in the western part of the world. 

With on-demand apps gaining popularity and the penetration of internet services all around the globe, start-ups and businesses are heavily investing and pushing out apps that cater to several needs ranging from cabs, food delivery, video streaming, movie booking, gaming and more. Instead of wasting time developing several apps, you can build a Gojek Clone app and launch it in your region to witness a stunning ROI. 

So what's the first step?

Find the right developers . There are tons of Clone app development solutions out there and it might be confusing sometimes. So keep the following in mind while choosing. 

  • Look for companies with a lot of experience up their sleeve. 

  • Skilled developers who can work with leading edge tech stack to give your users an app that is highly functional.

  • Solutions that offer scalable and customizable products so that your app can be updated as the business grows.

  • White-lable solutions so your company’s brand name will get visibility.

  • Efficient front end and back end development is vital to keep the app up and running. Make sure the developers you pick are competent in that.

  • Look for an interactive UI/UX because that is the face of your app.

  • Be on the lookout for companies that offer round the clock support, should the app malfunction. 

Next, figure out the features you’d want in your app that will make it accessible to all users. Keep in mind that customers, service providers, store owners and the admin will be using the app. So, the features in your app should cater to their specific requirements. Consider the following for your Gojek Clone app.

For customers - Sign up/Log in, location based search, In-app chat/call, multiple payment options, booking/order history, self-pick up, ratings and reviews

For store owners - profile management, categories, manage orders, live tracking, minimum order amount, earnings tracker and customer service

For service providers - Manage profile, availability, accept and reject requests, GPS, setting service radius, earning details, accept multiple requests, and feedback.

For the admin - powerful dashboard, manage users, service providers and stores, commissions, suspending services, offers and discounts, and chatting with customers.

The Covid-19 Scare

Even though the lockdown has been lifted in many countries, the effect of the pandemic is yet to wear off. A large audience still relies on contactless delivery services for their needs and here’s where you come in. Your Gojek Clone app will need to have an advanced set of features that would enable a safe and trustworthy service experience for the users. Features like these are sure to impress users, leading to a higher number of users and downloads.

  • Contactless delivery

  • Takeaway

  • Safety badge for stores

  • In-built safety banners

  • Knowledge banners

As an entrepreneur or a start-up, you might be wondering how as an app owner, you can monetize this all-purpose app. The revenue model of your Gojek Clone app will work like this. 

  • Revenue from consumers - with every use or purchase made on the app, a small fee can be collected for the convenience the app offers.

  • Commission from service providers - since the app is the medium for service providers to get requests for a delivery service or a ride, they will be happy to pay a small fee.

  • Commission from store owners - to benefit their business, store owners will shell out some money for every order they receive through the app, which is a decent bargain considering the popularity of the app.

On-demand service apps are in vogue right now. So, this is the perfect time to develop and launch your Gojek Clone app to see high returns!

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