How to Secure Your Linksys WiFi Network from Potential Threats?

Author : aaronpaker
Publish Date : 2020-09-16

How to Secure Your Linksys WiFi Network from Potential Threats?

In the modern world, everyone is highly dependent on the WiFi network. But, what if the security of your WiFi is at risk? An unsecured WiFi will not only higher your data bills but also make you baffle with sluggish internet speed. That is why we have raised the question of WiFi security in this post. Here, we tried to cover almost all points related to securing your Linksys WiFi network from being hacked. If you don’t want hackers to take access to your WiFi and breech your personal data, then following the techniques given in the article will certainly help you protect your Linksys WiFi. Continue reading! 

How to Secure Linksys WiFi from Hackers? 

Change Linksys Extender Login Password

First and foremost, if you’ve already completed the Linksys extender setup using default credentials, then change the login details right away. It is necessary because Linksys offers the same password to all the users. If you will not change it after configuring your Linksys, hackers may take advantage of that database and easily leech your WiFi. So, always keep in mind to change the default password of your Linksys after installing the device.

Disable Remote Access

Most WiFi extenders come with the remote access feature which can help you access your WiFi from just about anywhere. But, unfortunately, it can also be one of the ways that can be used by hackers to get access to your WiFi. So, make sure the remote access feature is disabled for your extender Linksys, especially if not in use. 

Update Firmware

Firmware updates are important for keeping intruders at bay. Such updates run directly on your device and not only fix bugs but also give a boost to the performance of your device. So, frequently check for firmware updates, which encompass vital security patches preventing hackers from accessing your Linksys WiFi network. To update the firmware of your device, all you need to do is to access http//

Often Check the List of Connected Devices 

Always check the list of your connected devices to your WiFi network in a specific time interval. It paybacks if you find an unknown device is connected to your Linksys. At that, immediately change your password to prevent your data from potential threats.

Enable the firewall

Most WiFi devices have a built-in firewall that keeps an eye on all the incoming and outgoing traffic for mistrustful activity. It blocks everything that seems potentially harmful and should not be permissible. As with other options, you need to enable the firewall for your WiFi device by navigating to the settings section of it. 

Create a Guest network

Finally, one of the easiest ways to secure your WiFi is to create a guest network, especially if you need to share the details with your friends and guests. You obviously would not change your password on a regular basis. But, may share your WiFi details with dozens of people over the years.

A quick fix to avoid all the hassle is to set up a guest network, supposing you're able to. The idea behind this step is that you keep your main WiFi password for only your personal use, and everyone else can be given with the guest network password. 

Note: No matter whether you have Linksys RE6500 setup at your home or making use of some other model, the tips to secure your WiFi will work for all the Linksys extender models. 

Final Thoughts

There are many ways that can be used by hackers to break into your WiFi network. As of now, take the precautionary steps given in the article and make your WiFi well-protected from unwelcome data thieves.

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