How to fix Malwarebytes antivirus error 12002

Publish Date : 2021-04-15

How to fix Malwarebytes antivirus error 12002

Malwarebytes antivirus is a famous antivirus that is best known for its internet security features. This antivirus has various suites that make it perfect for all types of devices. Activate Malwarebytes and get excellent tools for the best security. Malwarebytes antivirus provides a robust interface that can secure every type of device. People sometimes get into few Malwarebytes-related errors. Most of the Malwarebytes errors occur due to run-time issues like Malwarebytes notifications won't go away which can be easily resolved. Malwarebytes error 12002 is also a runtime error that occurs due to Malwarebyte's corrupt installation or Windows corrupted files. But this error can occur due to various other reasons.

Symptoms of Malwarebytes error 12002:

  • Your installation method get interrupted and an error message appears on the screen
  • A running program gets stopped and an error displayed on the screen. You get the same error when you reopen the program.
  • The same error appears every time you open a program
  • Malwarebytes  error 12002 appear when you log in to your device
  • All input devices are responding to lately.

Causes of Malwarebytes error 12002:

  • You have downloaded an incomplete setup file
  • Your Malwarebytes  installation process gets corrupted
  • Malwarebytes  program files get deleted
  • Windows files are corrupted
  • Your registry entries are showing errors

Ways to resolve Malwarebytes error 12002:

Repair your Windows files

Your Windows file issues can lead to various runtime errors. If you don’t repair your Windows files then they will get you into various other errors. So check your Windows files and restore all your Windows files corruptions. You can use the Windows System File Checker tool for scanning the Windows files.

  • Open Windows PC and click on the start button
  • Now go to the search bar and type the command
  • Press Ctrl and Shift button simultaneously and hit the Enter button
  • You will get a dialog box on your screen
  • Click on the Yes option
  • Now a command prompt will appear; type SFC/scannow in the command prompt
  • Press the enter button

Windows will open the File Checker tool. This is an inbuilt Windows tool that scans, restores, and manages all the corrupted files of Windows. Follow the on-screen commands for repairing the files. This tool will take some time to repair. Wait until you see a list of corrupted and repaired items. Open the Malwarebytes antivirus dashboard to check whether your error got fixed or not. If not then you should check for other solutions.

Check the PC drivers

PC Drivers can cause various errors to your programs and devices. PC drivers can fail at any time. Whenever your PC driver fails; you should fix it before it corrupts other processes. But if you are not from the technical background then you should not think about repairing the PC drivers because a simple mistake can harm your whole device. Finding the correct driver is not easy. Even if you find the correct driver; repairing is not easy. So, you should ask a technical person for repairing the PC drivers. Another good option is running the driver update tool. You can easily find the tool on the internet. Download and install a driver update tool according to your device specifications. Now update your PC drivers and check if Malwarebytes starts working or not.

Undo the changes on your device

Malwarebytes errors can occur when you have made certain changes on your device or when you have installed a program that is creating conflict with your device. If your Malwarebytes is showing 12002 errors after you made changes on your device then reverting the changes will troubleshoot the error. If you have installed any third-party application then uninstall it. You must delete all the files related to the third-party program. If you don’t remember the changes then you can use the system restore tool. Follow the given steps to restore your system:

  • Open Windows device and go to the start menu
  • Type system restore and press the Enter button
  • Click on System Restore from the result page
  • Enter the admin credentials
  • Now you have to follow the on-screen commands for completing the System restoration process. Choose a restore point to click on the Restore button.

If you are unable to fix the error then you should consider reinstalling Malwarebytes on your device. Go to the control panel and then navigate to Programs. Click on the Programs and Feature button and click on Uninstall a program button. A list of installed programs will appear on the screen. Click on Malwarebytes antivirus and press the uninstall button. Restart your computer and install an updated Malwarebytes setup on your device. Make sure you are using an activated Malwarebytes plan. If the Malwarebytes is not activated then activate Malwarebytes to use Malwarebytes reliably. Now open the Malwarebytes dashboard and check whether your Malwarebytes error got fixed or not.


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