Google Pixel 5 - Here’s the Expected Wishlist

Publish Date : 2020-02-10

Google Pixel 5 - Here’s the Expected Wishlist

As we still have been cooling our heels with the launch date of Google Pixel 4a which is expected at some point in time in May 2020, we cannot let go off a bit of speculation about Google’s next flagship Pixel 5. Before moving on to the rumored specs, price and everything we know so far, let’s have a look at the performance of smartphones by this “Tech Giant”.

For quite a long time, Google has been dropping the ball with technical inconsistencies and problems of synergy between hardware and software. It has a tradition of launching the variants with measly software improvements and substandard hardware as compared to models from different producers at the same price range.

But the good news is that we’re hopeful it would finally seek to fix things up in the year 2020. So, assuming something big is coming up as Google is expected to roll out Pixel 5 with remarkable features that are currently not found in big manufacturers such as Samsung Galaxy S11, Apple iPhone 12 MX, OnePlus 8 and others.

For everything from Google’s Pixel 5 price, release date, reviews, specs and wishlist compilation of features; read on.

When is Google Pixel 5 coming out of its shell?

Well, we’re not sure about the launch date. But, analyzing the release pattern followed by Google, we came to know that Google likes the month of ‘October’. Additionally, there is another solid reason for this argument. Google usually hosts its “Made by Google” event at the same time of the year. So, it’s pretty much the guess that October is the birth time for Pixel 5.

How much will Google Pixel 5 cost?

With regard to pricing, there is no real trend. The Pixel 4 started at £669 and the elder variant Pixel 4XL ended up costing £829. Similarly, Pixel 5 would tend to be somewhere around the mid-range bracket and its successors will jump up to the higher price for more storage. In addition to that, it would also be an easier task to transfer contents from old phone to a new one with Pixel 5 apps.

What are the expected specs & features of Google Pixel 5?

Here is a wishlist of specs and features that we would like to see in the next flagship Pixel 5.

● Contemporary Design & Hardware:

There was nothing amiss with the Pixel 4 and 4 XL's design as such, yet they appeared to be strange in a market where makers are continually exploring for the latest tweaks in their smartphones. Google seems to have overestimated its user’s desire for a display free from notches and indents, so it will surely need to change.

● An Immensely Improved Battery Life:

A sound smartphone has a sound battery. Google seemed to trivialize the importance of battery in every handset launched all those years ago. The 2800mAh battery in Pixel 4 didn’t impress the users. But now with maximum battery innovations propelled by 

the competitors, there is truly no excuse – the Pixel 5 needs a superior battery.

● Best in Class Cameras with Better Video Capture:

Cameras are the standout thing from Pixels. Google phones have the ability to take extremely amazing still shots and pictures. Although the camera performance is superb, it is expected to reach at 108-megapixels quad rear cameras this time. In addition to this, a punch-hole camera is about to tease out as opposed to notch, particularly because the latter proved unpopular in Pixel 3XL. The video, albeit seems to be below average, will be improving to launch a progressively complete camera experience.

● Motion Mode:

The “motion mode” feature was a highlight in Pixel 4. This feature can take action pictures and shoot moving objects with unnecessary difficulties. We are expecting the Pixel 5 lineup with enhanced motion mode, blurred background and high-quality camera performance.

● 5G Compatibility:

5G supported handsets were the talk of the town in 2019. This is in no way necessary for the vast majority of people; however, Google will likely need to launch a 5G-enabled smartphone to meet the competition in the market of flagship devices.

Bottom Line

Since the Pixel 5 will be thrown into the market by the end of 2020 and a couple of specs from our wishlist would have matured by that time by the rivals. Therefore, Google cannot bear further delay to introduce and incorporate these above-mentioned features in Pixel 5. If the tech giant wants to stay up in the game; it would have to launch stellar features, and something more than excellent cameras.

P.S: We would recommend you not buying Pixel 3 or 4 right now. Just take a leap of faith and wait for a little longer for pixel 5 flagship smartphone. In case you need to move your stuff from an old device to the new Pixel 5, this content transfer app will save your time and bucks.

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