Drdabber Electric Rig Comprehensive Guide

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Publish Date : 2020-06-30

Drdabber Electric Rig Comprehensive Guide

There is more to the Boost Black edition than the slick and appealing design and colors. This is your Drdabber electric rig comprehensive guide.

Let us get started with what is in the package. 

What comes in the Drdabber Boost Black edition

The first thing that you will notice when opening your electric rig is the black themed box that will make you quickly want to rip it open and see what is in store for you. Once you manage to open your black box, this is what you will expect. 

➔ 1 Drdabber Boost

➔ 1 magnetic carb cap

➔ 1 glass water attachment

➔ 1 titanium nail

➔ 1 ceramic nail

➔ 1 titanium nail

➔ 1 quartz nail

➔ 2 silicone storage containers

➔ 2 alcohol-based wipes

➔ 1 charging cable

➔ 1 keychain

➔ 1 loading tool

You may want to include the ultimate vaping experience as part of the packaging because that is what we are looking at next.

The design

Drdabber put lots of effort into coming up with the Boost Black edition design. The electric rig dons a black color, true to its name and bluish strips that spring it into life. Here are some interesting key features of the Drdabber electric rig.

Replaceable modular heating rod

The electric rig is highly durable but still recognizes the ability to extend this even more with a modular ceramic heating rod. Once it becomes ineffective you can easily get a replacement and get back to vaping at its best.

The e-nail is worth noticing too. You get a 50% larger electric nail with the Boost Black edition. You know what this means, big clouds and smooth vapor whenever you are into it.

Small portable design

The Boost Black edition boasts of a compact design that makes it to be easily portable. Despite having a glass mouthpiece attachment that makes it bigger once assembled, you can easily have your whole box with you when moving around. 

The dab for essential oils

Can I use the Boost black edition for my hemp flower? Unfortunately, the rechargeable electric rig can only accommodate your essential oils. Talk of concentrates or waxes.

Rechargeable battery powered electric rig

The Boost Black edition is battery powered and is rechargeable. You get a standard 18650 battery with this rig. The packaging actually comes with a charging cable. One full charge gives you between 20 and 30 uses. 

Easily customizable electric rig

The rig is simple to assemble and use. For a custom vaping experience, the e-rig comes with different accessories. The greatest customization for this electric rig is three e-nails that come with it. You are free to choose between titanium, ceramic or a quartz nail. 

What is, even more, is that you can easily custom set the optimal temperature for these nails with a single button. The ceramic and titanium nails take three clicks on your button before the light goes white to signal the optimal temperature achieved. 

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