Best Undetectable Hidden Spy Apps for Android

Publish Date : 2020-03-24

Best Undetectable Hidden Spy Apps for Android

Are you bothered by the lack of performance of your loved ones or workers in study or work? Have you any doubt that your kid or an employee is cheating on you? Do you want to surveillance your partner’s suspicious activities? Well! this article will help you find the perfect digital solution to your worries.

The spy market is growing rapidly. As frequently we see, new software comes with charm to replace previous ones but gets failed. Only a few of them have successfully maintained their strong position in the market. The reason behind their success is that they give true value to customers by providing trustworthy and innovative features-based apps. Their features work conveniently and give desired results with 100% accuracy and efficiency.

In this article, we will discuss top hidden spy apps for Android.

Undetectable Android Spy Apps

Although multiple spy apps are at the top which has proved themselves as 100% undetectable apps. But here we will compare only those who have successfully maintained their image still in 2020.

  • TheOneSpy

TheOneSpy is the best innovation in the spy market, which is heavy on a thousand. TOS has brilliantly maintained its top position by timely facilitating people with useful tools and services. It is a high technology featured based solution for businesses, guardians, and individuals as well. Its 360-camera viewer and surrounding recorder enable the user to view and listen to live surroundings of the targeted device up to 360 degrees.

TOS has 250 plus advanced tools which smoothly works with all Android phone models and versions. A user gets access to the targeted device through their web portal by login with their TOS cloud ID. Its 24-hour free help desk gives a satisfying answer to millions of people's queries.

  • Spyic

Spyic comes on second after TheOneSpy. It's also a top-rated spy app that provides exact information on time whenever the user requires. It gives the guarantee of users' privacy and empowers the user to remotely control targeted phone function. With Spyic, a user can monitor all visited sites, bookmarked content, social account activities, shared/downloaded multimedia and contacts of the targeted phone as well.

Its installation process is simple and only takes a few minutes on install in any Android device. There is also a demo of installation is available on the Spyic official site. Spic also offers special discount offers, as it is offering 86% off on its premium Android package.



  • Cocospy

Third on the list is Cocospy, which has also achieved its position by proving themselves. It comprises of more convenient functions which everyone can easily operate only by having basic computer skills. Now, your dear ones will not be unsafe any more. You can remotely prevent them from wrongdoing by blocking harmful things from their access.

Cocospy performs all actions discreetly and efficiently. To install this wonderful app, it will only take your few minutes. It comes in three packages for Android phones: basic, premium and family package. All are at reasonable and affordable cost, which a lower-middle can also enjoy.

  • mSpy

mSpy is also the global leader in tracking service. It fully meets the end-user basic needs like safety, security, and convenience as well. The app gives license to only those who want it for legal tracking. mSpy works silently and does not leave any clue behind while monitoring.

mSpy also records all conversations and information into short duration videos and then automatically transfers those videos at a user’s online cloud account.

  • TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy considered a great tool-based app. Now your kids will not be the victim anymore, your employee will not waste duty hours in endless use of the internet. It gives remote access over targeted phone functions as a user can remotely block inappropriate sites, chase secret passwords and track pinpoint location as well. Its 24-hour service gives satisfying answers to everyone’s queries.


As Android phones cover about 80% of the market, so here we bring top hidden spy apps for Android devices. These apps are more preferable because of their flexibility and affordability. These are the undetectable apps for android and will bring more innovative tools to sustain their leading position in the spy market.

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