9 Data Science Certifications for Aspirants and Seasoned Professionals

Author : Niti Sharma
Publish Date : 2020-06-12

9 Data Science Certifications for Aspirants and Seasoned Professionals

With the increasing focus of businesses on data-driven decision-making, demand for data science professionals is soaring. All roles -- data analysts, data scientists, data engineers, and data architects are equally in demand. As the industry inches toward data domination, professionals with data science skills will increasingly be in demand.

This creates an opportunity for all job seekers who are looking to start their career and working professionals unsatisfied with their pay to get into a high-paying role. Data science certifications can help in this situation people to acquire relevant skills and provide validation for their skills that will help to get a job.

As data science is new and complex, and industry validation accelerates the pace of getting a job. Here are nine industry-leading data science certifications to get you off the ground.

1. Data Science Specialization by Coursera (in collaboration with John Hopkins University)

This is a multi-course specialization certification, which allows candidates to learn data analysis, manipulation, visualization, and more. This is a specialization course by Coursera which equips you with a gamut of skills including R programming, data acquisition, and manipulation, performing regression analysis, regular expression, and cluster analysis. Each course culminates with a capstone project that requires candidates to work with real data.

2. Data Science Essentials by Edx (in collaboration with Microsoft )

This course teaches the essentials of data science. You will learn probability and statistics in data science, data exploration and visualization, and machine learning. You will get hands-on experience with several tutorials. Upon completing the course, you can seek certification.

3. Data Science Fundamentals by IBM

This is a 20-hour data science course by IBM which focuses on the fundamentals of data science. This course is targeted toward beginners who want to learn data science. If you’re planning to get into data science, this would be an ideal course to take.

4. Associate Big Data Analyst (ABDA) by DASCA

This is a beginner-level data science certification for fresh graduates who want to establish credibility for their skills. As part of this certification, you are assessed for your skills in R, Python, machine learning, and a few big data tools. This is a vendor-neutral certification that represents the holder’s proficiency in data science and competency to perform the job effectively.

5. Senior Data Scientist (SDS) by DASCA

This certification is meant for data science professionals with five or more years of experience in research and analytic. To make this certification, you need extensive experience in databases, spreadsheets, statistical analytics, R, Python, RDBMS, and fundamentals of object-oriented programming. This credential will add more credibility to your role as a data scientist.

6. The Open Source Data Science Masters

This is an open-source collection of data science resources from several places on the internet. This is a comprehensive curriculum for beginners who are yet to learn data science. Since this is open source, it is completely free.

You will learn algebra, statistics, and probability which are basics of data science and extends into more complex areas – natural language processing, Hadoop Map Reduce data visualizations, and more.

7. Cloudera Certified Associate: Data Analyst

This is a beginner level data science certification offered by Cloudera, a leading cloud enterprise software. This certification shows that you possess the necessary to start working in a data science role. However, not possess a strong portfolio of projects.

8. Microsoft Azure Data Scientist Associate

This certification is offered by Microsoft demonstrates your skills in Machine learning. As part of the certification, you are tested for your skills in natural language processing, predictive analytics, and computer vision. Defining and preparing the development environment, data modeling, feature engineering, and developing models are highlights of this certification.

9. SAS Certified Advanced Analytics Professional

This certification is offered by SAS, a proprietary analytical tool, and certifies the candidate’s ability to use SAS for data science application. The certification tests your skills in machine learning, predictive modeling techniques, big data, data manipulation and analysis, time series forecasting, and more.

These are the 9 valuable data science certifications that will add value to your role and candidature. These certifications are globally recognized and employers are quick to recognize them. No matter at which stage of your data science career you are, these certifications will take you further.

Data science is a sophisticated field. As the industry matures and application of data science increases, aspirants and seasoned professionals will need to update their skillset and find a way to demonstrate their ability. Earning certifications and pursuing job-specific data science courses will be ideal options in this case.


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