5 Key Considerations for S/4HANA Agile Transformation

Author : Ericsmith
Publish Date : 2020-07-13

5 Key Considerations for S/4HANA Agile Transformation

The quick and active Agile software transformation has replaced the traditional waterfall method. The conventional way of sequential software development approach is extinct, and the software development is inclining towards Agile transformation. SAP is continuously modifying itself to become a faster alternative for software development in different organizations. 

S/4 Agile Transformation

The Agile transformation of S/4HANA is based on incremental and iterative development, where the business requirements with their solutions are based on the collaboration of different cross-functional teams of an organization. The implementation of Agile transformation is the most discussed innovation in the era of software development. 

The S/4HANA Agile transformation is useful and worthwhile, provided the process is pre-planned and implemented adequately. For any organization, these following considerations will be helpful for Agile transformation though S/4 HANA:

Business Scope - The first and foremost consideration every organization should consider is the scope of the software development project for the respective business model. It is necessary to have a deep understanding of the business projects, along with requirements of the processes and sub-processes so that the business scope is determined for new integrations. S/4HANA is a versatile software development project that can be diversified with the scopes to understand how the projects are managed for the Agile transformation. 

One of the most useful aspects of Agile transformation is the collaboration among different cross-functional teams of an organization, such that the scheduling, prioritizing and managing business communications become more fluent among the business verticals. 

On-Cloud or On-Premise - SAP is very versatile as it can be implemented in two different kinds of storage solutions, such as on-cloud and on-premise. However, in the past few years, organizations have understood the importance of using an on-cloud platform over on-premise software solutions. 

It is an essential consideration for Agile transformation as S/4HANA suite has more features and modules for the on-premise version, as compared to on-the-cloud storage software. As a consideration, the joint venture accounting module of financial transactions is more prominent and functional in the on-premise model. 

Therefore, an organization should weigh the various pros and cons before adapting to on-cloud or on-premise solutions. 

Project Accelerators - SAP is functional to suit all the business processes existing in the market. The Agile transformation also provides the opportunity to intensify project developments and accelerate the processes to suit the business requirements. 

It is helpful for generating customer development spending, reduces the regular maintenance requirements, and guides in the transformation of the software development procedure to be more quick and accurate. This software development platform is customized to suit all the business framework, and with the support of integrated systems, every business can work towards incorporating the S/4HANA Agile transformation more conveniently. 

Time and Budget - The traditional waterfall model used in the previous versions of ERP (enterprise resource planning) was cumbersome and time taking. However, sufficient time and resources are also required for the Agile transformation of HANA. 

Enterprises have shown their concern regarding the transformation process in which it consumed time and money for licensing procedures. Henceforth it is mandatory to pre-plan the process of software development with S/4HANA as it requires an adequate amount of time and is a costly affair if a sufficient amount of time is not allotted to the transformation process. 

Change Management - the project of Agile transformation to S/4HANA is challenging and is not as simple as a small project development process. There are a lot of challenges and changes that need to be implemented for successful achievement of the end result. 

The business should start to change management and train their employees for the upcoming future project. Apart from backlogs, the important areas of considerations include a change in control boards, data support, training, deployment, compliance, and audits. 

Organizations should plan the entire process and allocate sufficient time to complete each of the pre-implementation processes so that the transformation to S/4HANA is credible and Agile. 


Many of the businesses have witnessed failure during the migration process from SAP ERP to S/4HANA. The reasons were particularly inappropriate planning and inconsiderate implementation of the platform compared with the business requirements. Therefore, enterprises should consider the above factors before implementing an Agile transformation.

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