11 Fantastic Goal-Setting Apps & Tools!

Publish Date : 2022-01-31

11 Fantastic Goal-Setting Apps & Tools!

You're tenacious and determined. You don't want to squander your life on anything mundane. You're looking for a purpose in life. You wish to accomplish your objectives.

Do you know how we know you're the type of person you are? You wouldn't be looking for the finest goal tracking apps and tools if you didn't have any goals or were unmotivated.

Now, here's the thing with goals: setting them is simple, but losing sight of them is considerably more difficult. So, in order to make significant progress toward your objectives, you must exercise extreme caution.

You must stay in touch with yourself and your objectives. You must devise a method for remaining focused on your objectives. In other words, you must maintain track of your objectives.

Because if you don't have a mechanism in place to track your objectives, you'll forget about them. You'll have to work hard to accomplish them. You'll waste time on things that have nothing to do with your objectives.

What's the end result? A tumultuous existence! That's where goal-tracking apps and tools come in handy, because sometimes all you need is a little prodding to get started.

Don't be concerned! You don't have to waste time looking for the best goal-tracking applications and solutions on the market. We've taken care of it for you.

We completely understand that when it comes to your objectives, you want something straightforward, adaptable, and dependable. Something that isn't too fancy but nonetheless gets the job done.

and the goal-tracking applications and tools we included in the list are just like that. Interested? You are, without a doubt! Continue reading!

1. Dreamfora Platform: Google Play

Free of charge

One-tap goal setting is the focus of this powerful goal tracking tool. Basically, you can use this software to create and monitor your objectives without having to wade through a bunch of nonsense. You can build up new goals and track them instantly with Dreamfora's planning wizard. You have the option of selecting a goal from the list or creating one from scratch.

You may also use Dreamfora's 'day mode' to view your daily checklist and see what activities need to be performed on any given day. A progress page is also available, which provides an in-depth examination of your progress. It even identifies the areas where you need to improve.

Dreamfora also has tools like habits, tasks, notes, and milestones to help you along your goal-tracking path. The app also includes a thousand motivational quotations and advice to help you stay motivated.

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2. Habitica App Store, Play Store, and Web

The cost is $47.99 per year. There is also a free version.

Habitica illustrates that keeping track of your goals doesn't have to be tough. With a role-playing game, this one-of-a-kind goal-tracking tool makes the entire process very entertaining (RPG).

Here's how it works: your gaming character levels up as you complete daily tasks. Your character can also join other players in parties and other adventures.

So, if you enjoy playing games, you'll love Habitica! If you're not a gamer, though, this programme may appear overwhelming because it displays your goal tracking data as character stats.

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3. Platforms for way of life: App Store and Play Store

Premium has a price of $6. There's also a free version with fewer features.

The app will help you every step of the way, from choosing your goals to motivating you to achieve them. It's really simple to use and has a clean UI. The app also allows you to view your weekly, quarterly, or yearly progress to help you gain a better sense of your behaviours.

'Way of Life' also includes a daily checklist, a detailed analysis of your progress, and note-taking capabilities. It also offers an accountability feature that explains why you didn't accomplish a specific target on a given day. You'll grow to enjoy this goal-tracking tool the more you use it!

4. Streaks App Store Platform

the price is $4 . 99

If you're an Apple user seeking for a low-cost, high-value goal-tracking app, this is the app for you. Everything you need to organise and track your habits and goals is in Streaks.

Streaks is a well-designed programme that allows you to track 12 behaviours at once and three different sorts of tasks – positive, negative, and timed. Negative tasks are the ones you want to break, and timed tasks are the ones you want to track, such as your calorie intake.

Simply tapping on a specific behaviour will provide you with further information. The app will convert to calendar mode, allowing you to track your progress. Streak also interfaces with 'Apple Health,' which may be really beneficial if you want to track your exercises or lose weight.

5. Completed App Store platform

The cost is $59 . 99 per year. There is a limited-featured free version available.

If you're new to goal-setting and productivity apps, Done is a great place to start. This goal-tracking programme is simple to use and offers a sleek, color-coded design. You may track your habits on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis using this app. You can even track a single behaviour multiple times throughout the day.

You can see how many cupcakes you've eaten this week, how many workouts you've done, how many books you've read, and how many other behaviours you're currently tracking as soon as you start the app. Overall, Done makes it incredibly simple to form good habits and break negative ones.

6. Tracking Goals App Store, Play Store, and Web

The cost is $68 per year (A 30-day money-back guarantee)

Goals on Track is a comprehensive, totally adjustable goal-tracking application that includes pre-made templates with built-in habits, as well as some extremely motivating eBooks! Overall, this software provides all you need to increase your productivity, form excellent habits, and achieve your objectives.

You can create a solid action plan for your goals with this handy software, which lists milestones, tasks, and timetables on a single page. The programme even gives you all the instructions you need to break down your big goals into smaller goals or milestones.

Plus, there's more. The app provides you with real-time updates on your progress. It also includes an offline timer that illustrates how you spend your day, as well as a notepad where you may jot down your thoughts.

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