Ibrahimovic Again Spray LeBron: Athletes Not Politicians

Publish Date : 2021-03-02

Ibrahimovic Again Spray LeBron: Athletes Not Politicians

AC Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic has returned to spraying NBA star LeBron James, who has recently spoken out loud regarding the political situation in the United States.
Many political issues, including injustice and racism against black people, have been the topics that have been raised by LeBron. While on the other hand, LeBron is not the only athlete who often speaks out loud about these issues.
For Ibrahimovic, an athlete must still be an athlete. Athletes still have to focus on the sport they are involved in, not be like a politician whose job is to take care of political affairs.
Racism and politics are two different things. We, the athletes who unite the world, while politics is divisive, "said Ibrahimovic as quoted by Sport Media East.

"My message is that athletes must remain athletes, politicians must become politicians," added the former Inter Milan and Juventus.
This is not the first time that Ibrahimovic has criticized LeBron on political issues. Earlier at the end of last month he had also asked LeBron to focus on basketball instead of dealing with political matters.

Ibrahimovic described himself in awe of LeBron as an athlete. But he didn't like the LA Lakers star talking about politics.
On the other hand, LeBron was already responding. LeBron stated that he would still speak out against something that was considered to be the truth.

"In the end, I will never shut up about the things that are wrong," said LeBron quoted by Football Italia.






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Anime DOTA: Dragon's Blood to air March 25, 2021

Anime DOTA: Dragon's Blood will air in the near future. Ahead of its premiere, DOTA: Dragon's Blood released the first trailer on Tuesday (2/3).
"Discover the world of Dragon Knights, gods, and demons while Davion and Mirana in action in DOTA: Dragon's Blood," wrote the official DOTA account.
DOTA: Dragon's Blood is based on the popular video game franchise DOTA 2 from Valve. This anime was produced by the animation studio MIR, which was previously involved in making The Legend of Korra and Voltron: Legendary Defender.

The showrunner for the DOTA: Dragon's Blood series is Ashley Edward Miller, who was previously involved in writing the X-Men: First Class (2011) and Thor script.

DOTA: Dragon's Blood will have eight episodes which can be watched March 25, 2021 on Netflix.

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Cha Eunwoo targeted to star in OCN's new drama with Kim Nam-gil

Cha Eun-woo is targeted to star in Island, the latest Korean drama on the OCN television channel. Fantagio as the agency confirmed Cha Eun-woo was offered a role in the drama. However, nothing has been officially decided yet.
"Cha Eun-woo is positively reviewing the offer to star in the drama Island," Fantagio said as reported by Hankook Ilbo via Daum.
Cha Eun-woo is said to be offered the character Kang Chan-hyuk or known as John, a former exorcist priest who grew up in the United States. However, he often watches Korean dramas so as not to forget his native language.
John's character is described as a smart person but has a dark past.

Not only Cha Eun-woo, other well-known artists are also targeted to star in this drama. They are Kim Nam-gil to portray the character Pan, and Seo Yea-ji as Won Min-ho.
Island is an exorcism fantasy drama adapted from a webtoon with the same title. The drama tells the story of Pan who needs a woman to end the curse of his personal life.

Meanwhile, Won Min-ho is the daughter of a wealthy family who is the target of the goblins. The two then unite with exorcist John who is filled with guilt for not being able to protect someone.

The three of them are also on an island filled with darkness and evil forces. They come together to gather strength to protect each other.
The Korean drama Island is rumored to start filming this spring or around the end of March to early May 2021. Island is scheduled to premiere in the second half of this year.

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Painting of Angelina Jolie's Churchill Mosque Sold for Rp. 164 Billion

 Winston Churchill's mosque painting by Angelina Jolie sold for more than US $ 11.5 million or around Rp.164.6 billion in an auction held Monday (1/3).
The painting, titled the Tower of the Koutoubia Mosque, sold at Christie's auction for £ 8.25 million, or about US $ 11.5 million, over an estimated price of around £ 1.5 million to £ 2.5 million.

As reported by AP, the sale saw the Tower of the Koutoubia Mosque set a record as Churchill's other paintings sold for under £ 1.8 million.
Churchill's painting shows a mosque in Marrakech, Morocco, in the 12th century against the backdrop of a sunset and the Atlas Mountains. This image is considered a part of political and Hollywood history.

Churchill completed the painting during the war, after the Casablanca Conference in January 1943, in which he and US President Franklin D. Roosevelt planned the defeat of Nazi Germany.
After the conference, the two leaders visited Marrakesh and Churchill showed Roosevelt the beauty of the city. Churchill also gave the painting of the beauty of the Moroccan landscape as a memento.

The painting was then sold by Roosevelt's son after his father died in 1945. The painting was owned by several people until it finally fell into the hands of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in 2011.

However, the couple then separated in 201. After that, they were busy taking care of the divorce process, including the distribution of a large art collection.

Until finally, the painting became part of the Jolie Family Collection. The painting now has a new buyer whose identity has not been disclosed to the public.

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Link Streaming Korean Drama 18 Again: The Story of Back to Youth

First broadcast in September 2020, drama series lovers can watch Drakor 18 stream again through legal services. 18 Again is a drama series that replaces the previous title, The Good Detective on JTBC.
Quoting from AsianWiki, the drama series rating 18 again by director Ha Byung-hoon is quite high and reaches 91. In addition, 18 Again is also Ha Byung-hoon's first drama, after successfully directing Go Back Couple (2017) and The Sound of Your Heart ( 2016).

A romantic comedy genre, drama18 again tells the story of Hong Dae Young (Yoon Sang Hyun), who changes in stature like he was when he was 18 years old.
By turning young again, Hong Dae Young has the opportunity to improve his life that he regretted in adulthood. Dae Young himself already has 2 children and a wife.
The drama story 18 Again is an adaptation of the American film 17 Again. The film tells the life of Mike (Matthew Perry) who turns young again (Zac Efron) in one night.
For those of you who are curious about the synopsis of K-drama18 again, you can read it here. Even though it has been broadcast since 2020, you can still watch Drakor 18 stream again this year via the following legal sites:
1. Drakor 18 Again Streaming Link on Netflix
The Netflix streaming service not only provides original western series, there are also K-dramas with various well-known titles, one of which is 18 again at the following link.

Watching streaming on Netflix allows its users to be accessed through various gadgets such as cellphones, smart TVs, tablets, PCs or laptops. For those of you fans of K-drama series or films from South Korea, maybe you can subscribe to get premium settings.

2. Link Streaming Drakor 18 Again on Viu
One of the over-the-top (OTT) video services managed by PCCW Media, Hong Kong, namely Viu, is already very well known as a reference for watching Drakor streaming like 18 Again.

A number of Viu users said that the application offers many main facilities to watch dramas, variety shows and even 'Korean' reality shows.

However, Viu also provides many television series from other countries, for example Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan to India, and is equipped with various subtitles.
3. Link Streaming Drakor 18 Again at Vidio
Even though it is known as a television streaming service, the Vidio application turns out to have a fairly complete line of Korean dramas, for example 18 Again which can be seen in the following link.

The Drakor collection on the Vidio service is arguably quite popular, such as Legend of the Blue Sea, Sky Castle, Heirs, to Reply 1988. Not only premium subscription services, Vidio also offers the option to watch other series for free.

The three sites above, not only provide access to watching Drakor 18 Again streaming, but there are also other shows that you can watch.

The 2:33-minute trailer opens with the magical Lotus that is the legacy of Selemene, the Moon Goddess, at the Temple of the deepest region of the Nightsilver Forest.
The video then goes on to show the story of the famous Dragon Knight Davion who devotes himself to mem

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