Everything you need to know about Bournemouth City Football Team

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Everything you need to know about Bournemouth City Football Team

England is famous for many sports, but football is among all of them. Almost every city of England has some of the record happenings with football sport. Football or soccer is the most popular sport which mostly played in every country. There are national and international football clubs that are generating foreign exchange for their homelands.

About Bournemouth

Bournemouth is a resort town on the coast of southern England. According to the stats of 2011, the town population was about 183,491. It is the largest administrative country of the Dorset. It is under the sovereign of the United Kingdom. It is popular with pensioners. It has too many care homes for residents as it is on the coast and has warm weather.

Athletic Football Club

The complete name of AFC Bournemouth is the Athletic Football club. The nickname is AFCB and The Cherries, Boscombe. It founded in 1899 before 121 years. The ground under the use of this football club is the dean Court. It has a capacity of 11364 people.

The owner named Maxim Demin and the chairman is Jeff Mostyn. It played under the premier league. In 1923, the AFC Bournemouth became a member of the football league for the first time. AFC Bournemouth played professional England football leagues without big titles. They struggled to promote in the premier league in 2015.

Bournemouth and the football team

Bournemouth first participated in the football leagues in 1923-1924. The list of football clubs which founded in 1899 in Bournemouth given below:

  1. AC Milan
  2. SV Werder Bremen
  3. FC Barcelona
  4. TSV 1860 Munich
  5. Olympique de Marseille

Things to know about Bournemouth football team

many of the football teams in the cities of England made records in the field of sports and games. Some of them famous for football and others for some other sports. Bournemouth is a city of England which has some of the impressive records in football. The AFC Bournemouth is a highly popular football club. Some of the useful information about AFC Bournemouth given below:

AFC Bournemouth real name

AFC Bournemouth is not the officially registered name of the football club under the registration of officially operated clubs in England. This Football Club formed in the 1800s as Boscombe FC. Then in 1972, it named as AFC Bournemouth which is still in use. The officially registered name of AFC Bournemouth is Boscombe Athletic Football Club. This name registered since 1923.

AFC Bournemouth’s Badge

The badge is the symbol of any player which speaks about him or her. A sports badge may be a ranking badge which indicates about something the team or player. The badge of AFC Bournemouth has a footballer heading a football. The badge character of AFC Bournemouth created in honour of club icon Dickie Dowsett. From 1957 to 1962, he scored 80 goals for the AFC.


Uniform is a type of dress which denotes someone about his profession or work. The player’s uniform designed in a way that expresses about their specific sports or game. Every football club has its own uniquely designed uniform kit which has its logo and badge. The uniform of AFC Bournemouth comprised of red shirts. These redshirts used for many years. Later in the 1970s, the club decided to put some black stripes on the red shirts to give a new look to the player's uniform. The new look of the AFC Bournemouth is similar to Italian club AC Milan which known for their black and red stripes on their jerseys.

Relegations and clubs

The Athletic football club has seen seven promotions and five relegations in the entire history of the club. The first promotion and relegation of the cherries seen back to back years. They then lowered to division four under the conclusion of 1969-1970 session. After finishing their 21st league they faced relegation and promotion.in 2008, the club faced a recent relegation to the fourth tier. It won three promotions in the all way up to EPL.

Concluding remarks

From the above content and เล่นบอล แบบนักลงทุน , it concluded that Bournemouth is the city of England which has a football club named AFC Bournemouth. The players are known as Cherries due to the red uniform of the team they wear.  The club won many tournaments and leagues in football.

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