The Expert Tips for the Non-Saudi Expats

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The Expert Tips for the Non-Saudi Expats

The Islamic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia regarded as the Muslim Beloved place on Earth. It is the Heartland of Islam and the home of the last Muslim Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAW). Millions of Muslim Pilgrims turn to this respectable land to perform their two significant Islamic rituals of Hajj and Umrah.

 In past times this Once-Ultra Conservative Kingdom was seen with doubtful eyes. The people were fearful to step into this Islamic territory due to the strict rules of Shariah (unwritten Islamic Rules).

However, with time, the Saudi Kingdom learned to keep pace with modern times. In the last few years, it has softened many super strict rules to welcome the arrays of visitors and expats alike to enjoy witness and give their fair share in increasing the State Revenues.


Who is Expat?


A person moves away from his home country into new land and experiences the new culture is known as an Expatriate or expat in short. In most cases, the expats step into a new country for the sake of a better life, new opportunities, new jobs with a good salary.

In some cases, a lot of female expats have to change the country after their marriages.


Shared Challenges of Expats


When the expats enter into a new culture, they have to confront the new cultural change. One of the main issues in the new country is a sense of belonging. In a new location as an expat or newcomer, you have to find new places where you can feel easy and find yourself fit in.  

Another challenging situation which every expat needs to face is communication with the locals and form relations.


Expat Challenges in Saudi Arabia


Moving to Saudi Arabia is certainly a sort of cultural shock for someone from western society. Because the conservative Islamic culture is something new and disturbing for them.  The expat women, in particular, find the strict dress codes and gender segregation problematic.


What to do as Expat in Saudi Arabia?


If you are new in Saudi Arabia, then don’t get panic with the new Islamic environment of Arabia. What you need to do is to follow some important steps to live a comfortable expat life in Saudi Arabia. These steps are as follows


  • Respect the Host Islamic Culture


It is the first and foremost thing to do while living anywhere or in a new culture. You have to learn the different cultures of your host country and respect it.  Don’t go against their rules and regulations and try to adapt them to live a comfortable life.


  • Adopt the Saudi Arabian Dress Codes


In terms of dress codes, it is the law in Saudi Arabia that the masses have to cover their whole bodies. It is especially mandatory for women to wear an Abaya in public places. It is a full-length loose robe-like dress which the ladies have to wear at any cost.

However, the good news is that the Saudi Arabian Govt. has softened the super strict policy in Women dressing and driving policies. The expat females can drive their cars and roam wherever they want in Abayas without covering their faces.


  • Get Private Cars and Flights for Moving Around in Arabia


The safest way of moving around in the country is by hiring private cars or taxis. If you want to move from one Saudi city to another, then, it is highly advised to get domestic flights. Because the domestic flights are the safest and cheapest way for the intercity traveling in Saudi Arabian state.


  • Form Expat Networks


It will be very beneficial for you to connect with the fellows who have also moved to Saudi Arabia from their own home countries just like you. Through this remarkable step, you will get to know about the challenges and struggles of your fellow expats while living in Saudi Arabia.


The expat network would enable you as well to share your own experiences of living in Saudi Arabia as an expat. The Expat networking is also a beneficial way to help or get help in your work and career.


You can form an extensive expat network by connecting with your expat fellows through websites even your Saudi stay is for the business purpose.


The following are the popular and useful expat websites to get hooked up with your fellows who like you are also new in Saudi Arabia. It is also one of the best ways to connect with the people who came from the Western world and got a permanent nationality in Saudi Arabia.


Expat Woman


It is the gold award-winning website especially designed for the women who have moved to the Middle East. It is free and a friendly website for the women who have moved with their families in the Middle-East and Arabian world in particular. It is the best information source for the females who have just landed in countries like Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, and Saudi Arabia.

This amiable network provides you with all the information and advice you need for a smooth and hassle-free life in the new world of the Middle East. This network can also arrange meets in real life too if you feel lonely in Arabia and want to make new expat friends.




You can discover the groups who share the same experiences as yours while living in a new Islamic land with a new culture. It is pretty natural that when you move to Saudi Arabia from your own home country you experience a sudden change in culture, taste, weather, and geography. So by joining the InterNations group or App, you would find ways to tackle all these issues while living in Saudi Arabia. This expat-friendly website also provides you the answers to such basic queries like Where you can find good family Doctor in KSA?, How safe is Riyadh for the foreigners? What Rules and Regulations to follow in KSA?

It is also the largest global network and informative site with around 2.9 million members. It is specially made for the people who live and work abroad in other countries not only in Saudi Arabia.




 It is a well-known and worldwide website. It is a friendly and informative network to guide the folks who are living and working abroad. Concerning Saudi Arabia, you can search for everything or anything that is of interest to you. You can also arrange meetups with your expat fellas to get any help regarding anything whether business, education, career or living in Saudi Arabia or any other country.

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