A Quick Guide to Resolving an HP Printer Not Responding Problem

Publish Date : 2020-12-07

A Quick Guide to Resolving an HP Printer Not Responding Problem

Now, in our tutorial, we're going to go over some quick hacks to fix the "HP printer is not responding" problem. These can come in handy if your HP printer becomes unresponsive and overall productivity is slowing.

The HP printer not responding error is quite frustrating. But if you know the specific procedures for fixing it, you can always go beyond it fairly comfortably.

Let's move on to this guide along with the common factors that caused the HP Printer Not Responding issue

The HP printer will not respond The problems occur when:

The printer is loosely connected to the computer.
You have a wrong printer installation and configuration.
HP printer drivers are missing.
There is a jam or unsuitable documents in the printer tray.
The ink cartridge is empty.
Each new cartridge is properly seated in the printer.
Is the HP printer not responding to commands from the computer? This is exactly what you need to do.

We have developed the best possible methods to resolve the "HP Printer Not Responding" error. There may be a hardware problem, or it may be that cache support requires a routine restart. There may be many manners. To improve them, see the following alternatives:

Method 1

Your system requires hardware assessment
Always make sure the printer is physically connected to cables and other external components. Also do the following:

Turn off the system, printer, and attached external components. Disconnect all cable and wait 2-3 minutes.
Sew all the cables together and restart the computer. Wait for the printer to remain idle and quiet.
In addition, try to check the printer by connecting it to another system. Assign a job to your own printer to test its functionality.

Method 2

Restart the print spooler program
The spooler is the application responsible for managing all print jobs that will be sent to the printer host. Its interface allows any user to delete a delegated print job or handle pending print jobs. There are chances that it has not yet been updated or, for example, after the update, you may not have declared your system. Perform the following steps if your HP printer does not respond to a publication check:

Start the procedure program by pressing the Windows key + R together.
Bulk sort the file'services.msc 'in the dialog box, then press Enter.
Find `` Print Spooler '' in the list of alternative services available.
Double-click Print Spooler and open its properties.
Click the "Stop" button on the System Status tab, and then press the OK button.
It will disable print support until you reset it. Allows users to delete all delegated print jobs.
Visit this computer window. You can immediately jump to it by pressing Windows Key + E together.
Click on the "C" drive and go to "Windows".
By browsing System 32, selecting the available alternatives
Permission will be required to obtain the printer folder. Click the Continue button to transfer.
As soon as you open the "Tools" folder, you will use all related files. Clean each file in this folder to keep it.
Launch the Print Spooler software. Always keep the Startup type field as Automatic.
Reboot the system to find out if the printer is working or not.

Method 3

Configuring the appropriate port
If the printer still shows that the HP printer is unresponsive on the screen despite trying the alternatives mentioned earlier, check whether the printer is connected to the correct port or not. Then check the printer configuration by going to the Control Panel program. Please follow the steps below:

Visit the search tab by pressing Windows + S in bulk.
Sort "Tools and Devices" from the search bar to launch the Control Panel.
Right-click the printer version and go to its properties.
Check the box next to where the printer is located.
Reboot the system to check that the printer is working properly.
These approaches can be applied to all versions of HP printers. Although we have covered a few of them in the list below. However, if one of the versions of HP printers is not in the list below, however, the "HP printer is not responding" troubleshooting steps would work exactly the same way.

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The fix in case your HP printer is not audible on Mac OS

Is the HP printer unresponsive to the Macbook? Try this step-by-step guide to solve this dilemma when your HP printer is not responding to Apple laptops.

Method 1

Reset the network link
Turn off the printer, wait for a while, and then turn it on to resume operation.
Examine your printer display to see if it displays the exact same HP printer that is unresponsive to the Mac issue. If the problem persists, go to the next step.
Click the Apple icon on the computer in the background, a drop-down menu will appear.
Select "System Preferences" and a new window will appear with exactly the same title.
Under the Hardware segment, click to select "Scan and Print".
You will get multiple printers inserted from the queue. All you have to do is remove another printer from the queue by clicking on the "-" icon. The role of hitting the minus icon is simply to remove the queue. Does not remove any program.
Click the + icon to add a printer. A window with the title "Add Printer" will appear. Highlight the HP printer revision name in the "Printer Name" section.
Select the HP printer version. When you do this, the rest of the areas in the field, such as Publication Name, Location, and Usage, are automatically populated. Click the Insert button to select the desired printer to get target.
This way, you can reset the printer settings if your HP printer is unresponsive in Mac operating systems.

Additionally, you can try another method that will reset the printer to work. It will just wipe everything if you hold down the Control key and if you click on the printer model it will help you reset the printer system. This can help you clear out all current printer queues as well as pending print jobs as well as help your printer run smoothly.

Method 2:

USB connection
If the above system still has an error and your HP printer still does not respond to Apple's print control, consider using a USB cable to connect the printer. Make sure it is securely connected to the two ports of the printer along with the device. Consistently give preference to a USB 2.0 cable, and also make sure the space between your computer and printer should be less than 6 feet. As soon as you connect, do the following:

After connecting the cable, select System Preferences from the menu.
Under the Hardware segment, click to select "Scan and Print".
Wait while the device detects the target printer as the version name appears in the list under "Printer Name".
Select the printer version and press the Insert button
Try to print a test page to see if it works well.

If you are still having trouble with your HP printer not responding on your Mac or Windows operating system, please contact us at any time. Our technical specialists can help you empty your device very quickly. Please let us know if you have additional questions or feedback as we strive to ensure every customer is satisfied with our service.

You can also count on our help whenever an HP printer driver is unavailable and your HP notebook computer does not connect to Wi-Fi. We will help you solve these problems like a pro!

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