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A bot is an automated software that interacts with other Instagram accounts so you don't have to do it manually. These bots can be great if programmed correctly. As in, they have the ability to develop your follower account and allow more people to discover your content.

On the other hand, a badly programmed account can look incredibly spam and this will cause users to have terrible opinions about your account. It can ruin the reputation of your business even before it starts. Before you look at investing in Instagram bots, make sure they are well programmed.

Find the right bot

Many websites are claiming to provide bot service, but like many IT services, you get the quality you pay for. Most good bot services start between $ 15 and $ 30 and will offer free VPNs.

Some tools will like relevant tags, some will provide you with a list of 'wanted accounts' and offer you fake followers.

Do not automate comments.

Bots will automatically get you into trouble for commenting on accounts because bots will start leaving irrelevant and sometimes insensitive comments.

A bot has the ability to interact with hundreds of photos and videos a day, so it is impossible to teach the bot how to make remarkably relevant comments to everything that comes across it. Typically, bots are programmed to leave commonly positive comments like b Great Shot 'Love It' or 'Amazing', not only is this a bit of spam but also when posted on the wrong post Can be unpleasant and abusive.

Only automatic choice makes it a non-intrusive way to be searched and will cause the PR issue to fall short if it goes wrong. The choice is better as a subtle nudge that is less concerned about getting like a random comment from a stranger.

No engagement

The real issue with using automated bots, especially if you have a business Instagram account. People are becoming more and more discerning why a random business account is leaving smiley emoji on their lunch and pet pictures. It is more likely that you do not find people to engage with your account by commenting randomly.

Terms and conditions

The real problem with bots is that they access Instagram's APIs without the permission of social media platforms. This violates Instagram's Terms of Use and if you get caught your account will be suspended or terminated.

Instagram has also created limits based on your age, number of followers, and activity. On average, you have 150 likes, 60 comments, and 60 unfollows or followers. In theory, a user can never go through this many posts unless they are spammers or trolls. Bots can do hundreds of activities per hour that will unnaturally flag your account on Instagram.

Instagram cannot suspend your account if they are fraudulent, they can be instead of shadows, this will make your pictures and photos invisible to non-followers and they will not appear in any hashtags.

What is the alternative?

Not all automation tools pose a threat to your account but it is always a risk. There are other strategies that can help increase engagement.

It is quite easy to connect with self-followers or to appoint a virtual assistant who can leave authentic, relevant, and heartfelt comments on the content. This will stop you from worrying about ruining your reputation. Many online freelance websites will help you to appoint a virtual assistant who will dedicate his or her working day to liking and commenting on related posts.

If you want to connect with new followers in person, then spend an hour a day taking time to get to know potential customers; Comment, Like, and Follower accounts that fit your demographic. Try and be personal in your comments, giving a specific appreciation about the image or video rather than leaving an emoji.

If you want to reach a lot of people without manually spending time with users, try Instagram Ads. Instagram ads are a great way to find relevant users and reach new people without commenting on their posts.

Even though Instagram bots have made it easy to produce the following results, they are not worth it. Bots don't understand the context of situations so the comments they leave can be very awkward and inappropriate. One incorrect comment on the wrong post can be a huge PR disaster that will really embarrass your brand or business. Worst-case scenario bot can suspend your Instagram account due to a violation of the terms and conditions.

There are many ways to grow your following without using bots. Do the work yourself, it is more accurate and you will Buy Instagram followers Malaysia who really care about your content and want to engage in you. If you long for quality



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