What Kind of Jeans Should be Added to Your Closet

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Publish Date : 2020-08-25

What Kind of Jeans Should be Added to Your Closet

A good pair of wholesale womens jeans will never go out of style: they are so popular, and they save us on lazy days when all we can gather are jeans and a top and always look good dressed up for a night out. However, different styles of jeans rise and fall with the popularity of each season. Only a few years ago the skinny jean reigned supreme, but now there are so many other shapes to choose from. So today, we’re about to walk you through the most popular denim shapes of the season ahead.

shestar wholesale women color blocking wide leg jeans

  • The Wide-leg Jeans

    shestar wholesale butterfly print pocket wide leg women jeans

    It could be because of their eye-catching high waist style, or maybe it has something to do with how phenomenally comfortable the really wide-leg jeans are to wear. But whatever it is, the super wide leg jean is a wardrobe winner all year around. Invest in cropped, coloured or cargo style options and match them with anything from a slim-fitted blouse to a party-ready body.

  • The Flared Jeans

    shestar wholesale fringe trim ripped pocket slim fit flare jeans

    Flared jeans have been creeping their way back into fashion for a few years now, but with the revival of retro trends and silhouettes in the 70s and 80s this year, the flared jean is now truly the shape to covet. In your daily work, throw it back to the denim style’s rock-star roots by pairing them with a cool crop top and Western boots.

  • The Boyfriend Jeans

    shestar wholesale fashionable ripped demin harem pants

    Boyfriend jean is defined by its slouchy, relaxed fit and is the epitome of cool off-duty style. Although their fit can vary from baggy to slim-fit, these styles have a slightly low-rise waist and the latest fit that is making a comeback this year. They look their best when paired with an oversized T-shirt or a chunky knit.

  • The Skinny Jeans

    shestar wholesale fashionable ripped slim fit pocket skinny jeans

    They may no longer be the undisputed jean shape of choice, yet skinny jean is still a wardrobe essential item because of their extreme versatility. Pair with a tee and sandals for lazy days, a top and mules for the office or a satin cami and heeled boots for evening events. So you can call them a triple threat.

  • The Straght-leg Jeans

    shestar wholesale Vintage Straght-leg Washed Jeans

    This is a fairly durable style of jeans that never really seems to go out of fashion. Straight-leg jeans are essentially just like that. And the jeans with a straight leg that does not change in width down the entire length of the leg. So this usually means that they fit more snugly around the thighs than they do around the calves and ankles.

  • The Legging Jeans

    shestar wholesale elastic black skinny denim pants

    These are generally described as a cross between a pair of jeans and a pair of leggings, and they are fantastic if your main goal is comfort and tightness. They are usually super stretchy and can hug the body for a tight fit without being restrictive.

  • The Slim Fit Jeans

    shestar wholesale leopard insert ripped pocket slim fit jeans

    This style of jeans bridges the gap between straight-leg jeans and skinny jeans, and is essentially a cross between the two. They are usually installed on the hips and thighs, and cut the clean lines down to the hem, just like a pair of straight leg jeans. Come on and select some stylish and affordable wholesale womens jeans to create a sophisticated and beautiful world.

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