Is Storing Your Skincare Products in the Fridge Even a Thing?

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Is Storing Your Skincare Products in the Fridge Even a Thing?

Have you ever wondered why your mum kept that lipstick in her fridge? Yes, keeping skincare products in the fridge is nothing new!

Since skincare products are piled on the shelf at room temperature in the store, one might think they could be kept as such at home. However some skincare devotees suggest that certain skincare products be stored in the fridge.

Many are skeptical of the idea however; not only of whether we should store the products in the refrigerator, but if such a thing even exists!

To Refrigerate or Not to Refrigerate

Different skincare formulas have different stability levels. Hence the ingredients present in each formula have varying reactions to different environmental elements. All these products are mostly tested, by exposing them to elements like sunlight, heat, oxygen, humidity etc.; and recommended accordingly.

While some skincare brands recommend storing products in the refrigerator, it may be true that some products’ consistency changes slightly owing to this. At the same time extreme exposure to heat or cold can cause disasters within some products.

Life of Product

Some products may last longer in the fridge but again there’s no surety of it. With some skincare products even storing them in the fridge won’t make any difference. So before you go overboard and install a vanity fridge in your room, just keep this in mind.

In fact when you refrigerate a product once, then you might immediately have to refrigerate it again after use; as the chemicals in the formula can disperse if exposed to great temperature fluctuations. Organic skincare products should definitely be stored in the refrigerator as they don’t contain any preservatives.

Feel on the Skin

Only skincare products that are created to aid a soothing impact, like serums and creams; will benefit from being stored in the fridge. Chilled skincare products can provide a calming sensation upon use.

When cool products are applied on the skin the blood vessels constrict; making the skin surface feel better. Cold creams can also cause lymphatic drainage which leaves the skin looking healthier and luminous.

It’s the same for eye products used to calm puffy eyes. Cool eye serums can be used to soothe puffy eyes, as the constriction in the vessels brings down swelling.

Absorption on the Skin

The sensation of a cold product might feel good; but when it comes to absorption, most skincare products are more effective when applied at room temperature. Advanced serums and creams may be more effective when applied at night time. At this time, the body’s blood flow is at the highest and the skin's warmth is also at its peak.

Skincare products are much more readily absorbed on skin with open pores. The pores are open when the skin is warm. This is specifically for products that are oil-based.

Now let’s take a look at the different skincare products that we need to refrigerate:


Moisturizers are great to store in the fridge especially if you suffer from itchy skin and have inflammation issues. The cold moisturizer works like a cold compress that soothes the skin. However some oil based products like coconut can solidify if refrigerated.


When we apply cold products on the eyes, the capillaries constrict and reduce swelling to get rid of puffy eyes. But keep in mind not to store oil based cleansers in the fridge. The oil can solidify and separate from the water; changing the consistency of the product.

SPF Products

Putting SPF in the fridge prolongs its life. In fact the cool sensation on the skin every morning when you wear SPF to step out in the sun, feels great.

Primer and Foundation

Similarly the shelf life of primers and foundations would also increase if kept in the fridge.


All the wax-based products are good to go in the fridge. The cold keeps the wax intact, making the product fresh and last longer. Lipsticks for one should definitely be kept in the cold to keep them from melting. At the same time storing eyeliner would also make it thicker to get a more defined line.

Hair Products

If they are completely organic then keep them in the fridge otherwise it’s totally fine to keep them at room temperature.

Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C if exposed to sunlight and air, oxidizes and turns brown in color. For a more effective use you can keep it in the refrigerator. However most vitamin C based skincare products are formulated to survive at room temperature. So check the label.

Face Sheet Mask

Give your skin a “cool treat” by placing your masks in the fridge. These face masks are already refreshing for the skin. You can amplify the effect of this skincare product by dashing them into the fridge before use.

If you’re hosting a sleepover with your girls, stock up some face masks in the fridge and hand them out to your friends for a great spa activity.

Eye Serum

You can store the eye serums in the fridge to reduce dark circles and puffy eyes. If kept cool, the eye serum can cause shrinkage of capillaries which may soothe that puffiness. Try storing Pink souls; bye bye dark circle coffee serum in the fridge. This anti-wrinkle and dark circle serum is formulated with organic coffee ingredients to give you visible results in a weeks’ time.

Eye Cream

Just like your eye serum, the eye cream can also be stored in the refrigerator. The cooling feeling of the cream wakes up your senses and is super refreshing to your eyes.

Face Mist

Pink soul’s water melon toner infused with aloe Vera and watermelon extracts, hydrates the skin and tightens pores. A quick spray of the cold skincare product would provide an even more reviving effect. You can apply it after you come back home tired or post workout session. If you have any redness or irritation on the skin, you can apply it immediately and see how it works.

Skincare Tools

The de-puffing skincare tools feel much better on the face when cold. Especially in the mornings when the face is tired and swollen, a cold facial tool will definitely help. Who would understand this better than a gua sha fan?

The under eye wands also if kept in the fridge feel much better with their cooling sensation. So just stash those face globes, Gua sha massagers and jade rollers in the fridge and have a nice spa session in your home.

You don’t necessarily need a vanity fridge to stash your skincare products. Just make room for your tiny products on fridge shelves and get a spa level experience at home.
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