All You Need To Know About The Amazing "Orchids"

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Publish Date : 2020-07-28

All You Need To Know About The Amazing

Orchids: Your Ultimate Guide

Orchids, the name is derived from the Greek word "orkhis". Though there are many symbols and meanings derived from orchids, but the most believed ones say that because of their name, they derive the meaning of fertility, virtility, and sexuality. Talking about the symbol, they symbolize love, beauty, and strength. There are different colors of orchids which symbolize different things, for example, white orchids symbolize innocence and purity. Different types of orchids have different appearances and purposes, and they are used differently.

There are various uses of orchids, but they are mostly used for decorations and perfumes for fragrance. Even in the kitchen, it plays a big part as the vanilla essence that we use in baking actually comes from the vanilla orchid plant. Orchids are believed to have medical applications as well, they are used in making medicines for the disease of kidney, lungs, and eyes.

Talking about the cultural significance of orchids, Confucius admired the beauty of orchids so much that he wrote so many poems on the flower and compared it to some noble scholars.

"The orchids grow in the woods, and they let out their fragrance even if there is no one around to appreciate it. Likewise, men of noble character will not let poverty deter their will to be guided by high principles and morals." –Confucius

Gifting flowers is considered to be a sign of love, apology, gratitude, etc. When it comes to gifting orchids, various kinds of orchids can be gifted for different purposes.

  • Orchids can be gifted to co-workers, boss, and colleagues as they are a sign of dignity.
  • Catelleyas are the variety of orchids that are a perfect gift for your life partner because one thing about the orchids is that they are slow growers, but it takes knowledge, dedication, and love to grow an orchid which shows that you are committed in a relationship as it will show your loyalty.
  • It is the best Mother's Day gift as there are so many varieties that you can give to her, which she might not have seen.
  • There is one occasion where we cannot gift orchids that are in the time of sorrow or grief because orchids are more of a delightful gift. People remember the occasion by their gifts and would not want someone to remember they're bad times by looking at what you gifted.

Orchid flower bouquet

Delivery recommendations for the orchids:

  • Orchid should be packed in boxes where they should not be hurt while shipping because they are delicate and their stems might break.
  • They should be packed in cardboard boxes and without vases and without water because water can be spilled while shipping and destroy the packaging.
  • The temperature should not be extreme on both sides, and it should not be extra hot or extra cold.
  • Moisture content should also be the case of consideration because too much moisture can destroy the plant.
  • The plants should be intact and tight because if they are loose, they might end up breaking the petals and stems.
  • The minimum time should be of 30 hrs in transit while they get delivered, or else there are chances of getting pale.

Orchids are perfect gifts for any special occasion as well as for the decorations of any special event because it's the perfect way of saying that you care.


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