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The language of the flower is known as floriography, these flowers and their language became popular in the Victorian times as they began to communicate through them, they were experimenting with the arrangements and were making major improvements on them as well as they figured out which flower would go with which one. If you know someone who lives far, you can always get flower delivery in pune as per the occasion. 

What could be a better way than gifting your loved one the October birth flower? The October birth flower is marigold. These marigolds are also considered as the greatest gifts for the sweetest day. The marigold is native to the Mediterranean region and is also known for its ability to heal the various aliments but most of the marigolds are toxic so be careful with the flowers. 


Marigolds are versatile plants and are used everywhere. Even the history days so, the marigolds were used by Greeks, Romans and Indians to treat ailments, to dye, to create cosmetics and then to season the food as well. This plant is capable of so much.



With the colour as bright as the sun, the marigold is often referred to as  “herb of the sun”. these marigolds are associated with creativity and passion. 

In Indian culture, they are considered pure and are used to make garlands so that they can honour various deities with them. It has also been seen that this flower is used in many funeral processions as well because of its association with the purity that is there. 

During the dia Los Muertos which is celebrated in Mexico, these flowers are used on the referenda and it is said that the garlands made from these flowers are used to adorn the graves of the deceased. 

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  • It is said that the marigolds should not be watered overhead but should always e have watered at the base. 

  • One should always cut the top portion of the plant just a little to let them grow bushier. 

  • You should always allow the soil to dry before watering them again and remember to water more in high heat. 

  • When the plant is young always remember to add a layer of mulch this will also help the plant’s soil to remain moist. 

  • It is also observed that the African marigolds are known to rot in wet weather.

  • If you remove the dead flowers then the plant will also grow profusely. 



  • Dyes extracted from marigold are used in the food and textile industry. 

  • Marigold is considered to be a rich source of lutein; this also acts beneficial to the human eye. 

  • Essential oils extracted from the marigold are also beneficial to the skin. 

  • Marigolds are not prone to pests and disease that is why they are preferred by various farmers to be grown in the vegetable farm. 

  • Marigolds if fed to the farm chicken result in a brightly coloured yolk. 

  • Many believed that marigolds are used to treat burns from lighting. 

  • Wild types of marigold are also considered as perennial plants but the ones cultivated at home are considered complete their life cycle within a year. 



Marigolds are used to decorate as well as who can resist this beautiful and fragrant flower.  They are common in marriages as well and are found in temples. In India, the significance of the marigold flower is more than what it seems to us. 

These are also considered the perfect gifts for the sweetest day. 



Cosmos are another type of flowers which again corresponds to the October birth flower. These are just so easy to grow. These are just indestructible as they can grow in poor conditions, dry or infertile soil. 

Cosmos are daisy-like and are available in many bright colours. They are known to represent peace and tranquillity. If you wish to grow flowers just by putting seeds into the soil with minimal care then the cosmos is the perfect choice for you. But you must choose a sire which gets full sun. you don’t even need to water the plants unless and until there is drought. 


If you are thinking about giving these flowers to your October born loved ones then these are the ideal choice. They will remember how thoughtful of you it was and will continue to love these flowers. remember to add chocolates, cakes and teddy beard along with your bouquet, you need not worry about the occasion as we will deliver it on the same day for you.

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