Errors To Avoid In Search Engine Optimization

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Publish Date : 2020-06-17

Errors To Avoid In Search Engine Optimization

The Internet has made an easy approach with which people do their business. Now entrepreneurs are taking their business online. Many of these businesses are witnessing great traction. These are the ones that get famous and people know about. But, there is an opposite side to it. Many businesses crumble after going online. Entrepreneurs invest a lot of time and effort into their online business but fail to get any recognition. Going digital may seem very simple at first. You take orders online and you get so much of it that your hands are always full. Yet, as good this story may sound, the reality is cruel. For this story to come true, you generally must go viral. Yet, you can't build a business expecting a viral moment. This is why people resort to digital marketing and SEO. They try to optimize your content and come up with techniques. They try to bring your website to the top of search results. However, many at times, digital marketers end up using the wrong techniques. The boost you were expecting never happens and your money gets wasted. SEO can get very complicated and it is difficult to predict what will work. Yet, there are some common mistakes made by marketers that are tough to avoid but not impossible.

So here are some SEO errors made by people who rule the world of digital marketing:

1. Wrong Keywords

One aspect of SEO is identifying the keywords and coming up with content based on them. However, digital marketers make a common mistake of identifying the wrong keywords. There can be many reasons for this. The keywords you choose may be too generic. The keywords would mean something different to potential customers. They fail to keep themselves in the place of customers and choose the wrong keywords. Some SEO companies may help you in solving this problem.

2. Keyword Stuffing

Sometimes marketers may choose the right words. However, they overwrite the keywords in their content. They do it with the hope of improving SEO performance. Such a mindset is the opposite of reality. Spamming the content with keywords hurts SEO implementation. Overusing the keywords makes the content unnatural and mechanical to the readers. This can, in turn, harm the online business.

3. Diverting From Keywords

Burdening the content with keywords may be harmful. Although, it is worse when you divert from your keyword in your content. People should try to come up with content that resonates with people. The content should answer the queries of the people.

4. Plagiarised Content

Using the content of other websites is a big mistake. You may think that you are acting smart. However, you are doing quite the opposite. Google and other search engines punish using the original content of other websites. Your website may even get pushed down on search results for using duplicate content. It is best to give some time and come up with original content for your website.

5. Ignoring Tags and Meta-Descriptions

You might think you have nailed your job after coming up with keyword-based content. This is where you miss an important opportunity. Some marketers overlook the benefits of title tags and meta-descriptions. They deem it is not valuable for SEO. However, Google also gives importance to these two aspects while ranking sites.

6. Not Including Quality Outbound Links

It is a general practice to include external links in your content. You create hyperlinks that redirect the user to some other site. Some marketers do it as a formality. Yet, this could be a blow to your SEO. Instead, create external links to quality sites that rank higher in search results. Also, remember to include links to sites that use you as an external link.

7. Missing the Point of Inbound Links

Marketers make very common mistakes with internal links. The pages with the most views get used as internal links. The idea behind this is to redirect users to popular pages. This would give them more traction. Though, marketers use this idea for all pages and content. Create inbound links based on the topic. Do not use random internal links, as it may be ineffective for your SEO.

8. Smartphone Friendly Website

The website you develop should be smartphone friendly. People are moving away from PCs and drawing more towards Smartphones. It has become vital to create a smartphone responsive site. If not, then Google may push you down in search results for this. Try to come up with a website that has a good loading speed. Make sure it doesn't take much time to load in smartphones.

9. Not Using Social Media Influencers

There are so many websites that have a similar kind of content. It is difficult to come up with content that makes a difference. One way to increase traction is to connect with social media influencers. These influencers already have a significant following. They can bring a big boost to viewership and SEO.

10. Ignoring Analytics

Many marketers use SEO techniques without checking if they are working. This will help in ruling out techniques that do not work. Ignoring this may prove costly as you may waste a lot of time. You may end up doing stuff you should not have in the first place.


It is important to realize what works and what doesn't in SEO techniques. Give importance to Keywords and include it in the right amount. Ignore these mistakes so they don't go wrong with SEO.

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