Great Choices for Engagement Rings

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Publish Date : 2021-03-19

Great Choices for Engagement Rings

The engagement moment is unique and special and jewelry is an extremely important way to symbolize the request materially. So it is very important to choose a piece that has everything to do with the person and also with the couple's history. In this way, the jewel gains even more meaning and complement this moment in a very special way. So, let's show you some different engagement rings that are great choices! Here are the Types of engagement rings you should be concerned about.

Usually, solitaires are used as engagement rings. The piece is classic and symbolizes the moment very well. After all, a solitary stone stands out in a noble metal rim. However, the super shiny classic can also be replaced by other options, such as more modern jewelry, or some ring that presents something that is the face of the couple's relationship.

Therefore, we separated some different engagement rings that are far from the classics, but that are super cute and convey the idea of ​​an engagement ring very well. So, if you are looking for an option that deviates from the standards and that has everything to do with you and your loved one, check out these amazing models!

Wonder Woman Engagement Ring

Whoever loves the geek world will surely fall in love with this wonderful ring! This is a super cute solitaire with a very special theme. The rose gold ring features the yellow gold wonder woman symbol in the stone gallery. In addition, small stones are placed on the rim.

Handmade engagement ring

This is a delicate and very modern option. This engagement ring is different from the other proposals. After all, the necklace is handmade and presents a delicate hollow heart. This ring is perfect for those who love alternative jewelry.

Lonely Heart Ring

There are also different ways of giving gifts to your loved one! The solitaire ring with the heart-cut stone is just perfect! The ring can bring a color that matches the loved one in the main stone. In addition, there are smaller hearts by the rim that make this ring even more fluffy. The heart solitaire is ideal for those who love jewelry!

Star Ring

Another symbol that also goes well with engagement rings is the stars, because the stars can also represent brightness and joy. In addition, this is also a different model of ring, it deviates from the standards and yet it can be a perfect jewel to be used as an engagement ring.

Large shower ring

For people who love powerful rings and who really call attention, the large shower ring is a perfect option! This is one of those rings that stand out in any context. Therefore, it is ideal for people who have a bolder style.

Different Engagement Rings - Love

The ring with the word love written on the rim is perfect! It is a super romantic ring and at the same time very cool and delicate. Despite being a different ring, it is super cute for an engagement proposal.

Shower ring with heart

The best definition for this ring is classic and cute. So, what draws the most attention in the piece is the shower format composed of several small zirconias. However, to give a glam and fluffy touch, the ring also features a heart-cut crystal that is super delicate and perfect!

Oval ring with zirconias

The oval ring is very different from the brilliant one, but it is on an equal footing in the nobility category. It features a large stone in the rim, combined with smaller stones around it. In addition, the rim is studded with mini zirconias around it.

Simple crown ring

This ring is beautiful and at the same time has a simple design. So, it is easy to see that the ring has a crown shape. The crown represents nobility, values ​​and also importance. Therefore, this ring matches very well with the category of different engagement rings. So, anyone looking for a different and impactful option can bet on the ring!

Handmade rose ring

Another handmade ring that can be super cute and romantic for an engagement request is this version in which there is a flower shape. This is a delicate and great option for those looking for simple, affordable and handmade pieces.

Lush crown ring

The crown ring also has versions that are simply exuberant. Despite having the shape of a crown, the ring also has many stones set. There is even a main stone at the top that stands out. So, this is a different engagement ring that at the same time conveys a lot of strength and style.

Inner Heart Engagement Ring

Those who love discretion can appeal to this ring that has a kind of secret message. On the outside and visible to all, the ring is just a smooth and very normal ring. However, on the inside the ring has a small heart symbol.

Opal Stone Engagement Ring

The opal stone is full of good energies; it awakens the best in people and is also very important for people's spiritual development. Therefore, a stone engagement ring can be a great option. The ring has a lot of meaning, besides presenting a beautiful stone and very different from the usual.

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