Why invest or not to invest in Agricultural lands?

Author : sirmaya
Publish Date : 2020-05-02

Why invest or not to invest in Agricultural lands?

What is agricultural land?

According to the definition outlined by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, agricultural land or area is a collection of:

  • Arable land: Croplands that require replanting every 5 years

  • Permanent cropland: Land that is cultivated to carry out the cropping activities that don’t require replanting 

  • Permanent pastures: Grasslands utilized for grazing livestock / Farmlands

Around the world, there is a spread of 38.4% of agricultural land as of the statistical figures of 2011. Among these, 68.4% of all the agricultural lands are permanent pastures, 28% is the arable land or cultivable land, and permanent crops land is 3.1% that consists of orchards and gardens, etc. 

In Pakistan, as of the stats of 2016, agricultural land area as a percentage of the total land in Pakistan is 47.79%- the highest in all the past years has been 49.95%.

Agricultural lands for sale in Pakistan. Where to find one?

After going through the definition of agricultural lands for sale in Pakistan, the next question that pops in one’s mind is: Where to buy the agricultural land that fits my specs-list? You can hop onto a renowned real estate portal in Pakistan that specializes in providing the best property deals in the areas you long to find your property in. All you need to do is, type the best real estate portal in Pakistan, in your search engine. You’ll see Sirmaya.com. Click it., click, click, click through the latest listings. The details are minutely mentioned along with the agricultural and industrial lands that are up for sale. Other such property portals like Zameen.com, Graana.com, etc can also be used to maximize your options before you invest.

Benefits that agricultural lands ooze out

The benefits that agricultural lands ooze out are marvelous. The primary one being the ability of these lands being able to be used as food sources. The food-product get sold in the market and profits go up. 

Farmers do not have any other sources of income other than selling the products that they grow on their fertile soil. Pakistan is lucky in this scenario as we have rich soils and vast agricultural lands.

The returns on investment are higher in agricultural lands as upcoming developments can make their way through them, hence, raising their prices like never before.

Advantages of investing in agricultural land

For long-term investments, choosing to invest in agricultural lands for sale in Pakistan is a sparkling option. Why did I call it ‘sparkling’? Because it makes your capital gains shine brighter than other such investments. Agricultural land provides you with potential Returns on investment in case you want to invest in a piece of big and vast land and wait for it to get mature. When the land reaches its age of maturity, it surely oozes out more than what was invested! Let’s look at what more you can reap from investing in agricultural lands.

Long-term Returns

An agricultural land plot can guarantee long-term returns if it is in an area where the government has planned some infrastructure projects in the near future.

Higher compensations by govt

In the case of land acquisition by the government agencies, the compensation is higher for rural land as compared to the urban ones. 

 Disadvantages of buying agricultural land

Not everyone can afford: 

Agricultural land can’t be afforded by everyone looking for one. Government policies may be a hurdle. As in some countries, there is a ruling that only farmers can own agricultural lands.

Conversion is not easy: 

An agricultural piece of land into a residential or commercial one. 

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