Top Interior Design Tips for A Successful Home Renovation

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Publish Date : 2020-05-14

Top Interior Design Tips for A Successful Home Renovation

It is the dream of almost every homeowner to renovate a house in that manner that gives it a fresh and attractive look. Some people are naturally experts in this regard. On the other hand, few are short of ideas. If you are one of them, then it’s best to start from scratch. If you pay attention to some of the basic elements of interior design, you can bring about some significant changes in your home. So, no matter if you have recently moved in or you just want to give a new touch to your old-fashioned house, these basic home décor tips can help you modernize your house by giving it a chic and sophisticated look.  

Important Elements of Interior Design

You know that professional decorating ideas require a lot of research. That’s why hiring an interior decorator would cost you badly. Also, choosing those colors, themes and styles that exactly match with your home can be very frustrating sometimes. Therefore, this article summarizes these interior design guidelines to assist you to cater to your decorating needs. You can make your home luxurious by simply following these tips.

Identify Things You Love

It is rightly said that home is everyone’s heaven. Therefore, personal choices play a vital role when it comes to home décor. Whether you desire any wall art, a piece of furniture or walls or stuff with bold colors, go ahead. Add them to your décor list. Try to infuse all these things while renovating your house.

Start with A Base

Using simple colors is one of the most elements of interior design. White and black never go out of fashion. However, the key to giving your living room a reinvigorating look is to use those colors that are easily replaceable. If red brick walls in your 2BHK flat in Mulund or a luxury home in South Mumbai are keeping you away by using the desired color scheme, then don’t hesitate in removing this hurdle. Paint your wall with white. Moreover, it is generally recommended to use three main colors in any room.   

Don’t Forget Your Lifestyle

Much of the interior design is dependent on your personal choice. Those living in a luxurious apartment will surely have more space to add furniture than people living in a flat. If you are someone who loves to party every now and then, then you need more entertaining space. If you are a voracious reader, then you might want to have a library in your flat or apartment.  

Measure Your Space

Space is also important when it comes to decorating your house. It is essential that you are well aware of the available space. No matter whether you are looking for an apartment, home, or flat for sale in Mulund, you must know the space before you shift into the house. It is vital to know about available space along with your room dimensions.

So, once you shift in your new house, you might want to create a positive home environment. Therefore, whatever you use in your décor or furniture, it should reflect your personality. In order to avoid overcrowding, pay close attention to the size of the furniture, sofas or rugs which you are planning to place.

Use Mix Texture

It is the texture that decides how a surface appears and feels by giving depth into a living space. It is of two types. One is visual texture, where you can only see. Another is actual texture, which has a more kinesthetic approach that enables you to feel and see the texture. All have textures such as bed sheets, pillow covers, wall paint, etc.  

As per the basic rules of the interior design, you should add that dominating texture that defines your mood of the living space. There must be a mixed texture to avoid dullness. You can add different textures as well like cushions, rugs to give a perfect feel to the room.

Add Layer Lighting

Lighting depicts the vibe and atmosphere of the living area. While we can’t do much about the doors and windows, artificial lighting is one of the elements of the interior design that we can do according to our taste. It is categorized into 3 types.

Accent lighting: They are used to highlight specific artworks, sculptures and so on.

Task lighting:  They are used for tables and bed lamps which have a specific purpose.

Mood Lighting: They enhance the mood of the living space and brightens it up.

Choose Right Colors

Colors are a great way to create an artistic connection between objects and the mood of the room. So, the selection is based on personal choice. Every color has three features: intensity, hue, and value. For instance, you can paint your dining room with red color as it encourages appetite. Moreover, give a green color to your bedroom as it is a symbol of peace and tranquility. You might have noticed that designers often use these interior decorating principles to come up with the best color combinations.

All in all, our home is the place where we spend most of the time. The place where we cherish memories and find solace. So, by using these basic interior design tips, we can make it a perfect place to live in. 


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Top Interior Design Tips for A Successful Home Renovation

Top Interior Design Tips for A Successful Home Renovation

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