Top Destinations that You Can Reach Only with a Private Jet

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Publish Date : 2020-07-22

Top Destinations that You Can Reach Only with a Private Jet

Traveling in a private jet is more than luxury. Rather, it’s a style statement. There are many reasons which make traveling by a private jet favorite among the elite. According to different aviation companies in UAE, ‘Exclusivity’ is the basic reason why the majority of the affluent use private jets when traveling. The special benefits that you get to enjoy while flying on private jets are endless. From free-flowing champagne to luxurious comfy seats, hassle-free and time-saving travel to unlimited opportunities. Suffice it to say, there is much to avail.

Apart from all the in-flight benefits, traveling on a private jet gives you more than just a comfy, extra-luxurious traveling experience. The biggest draw for using it is the easy & fuss-free access to remote, ritzy, and uncommon destinations.

Here are some of those exclusionary places that you can reach through a private jet.

Paro, Bhutan:

Paro is a small valley town, present at an elevation of 2,225m or 7300ft. within the serene Himalayan mountains. Reaching it is extremely dangerous because of its steep and dangerous landing at the airport. Therefore, the only option for travelling to this beautiful valley is through a private jet as there are no commercial flights. This airport is too small for the landing of commercial planes.

Easter Islands:

Easter islands are a special territory of Chile that is situated in the southeastern region of the Polynesian Triangle. It is one of those remote islands that you need to explore on your own to experience its unique culture and environment. However, visiting this picturesque place with your family and friends to unravel the mystery of ancient archaeological markings is worthy. You can easily reach this far-flung distant island on a private jet and enjoy your stay in one of the luxurious resorts.

Lanai, Hawaii:

Lanai or the island of Pineapples is one of the islands present in Hawaii. This place is a less popular Hawaiian holiday destination for the general public. On the other hand, for the uber-wealthy, it is one of the most popular vacation getaways. People like Jessica Alba & Cindy Crawford come to relax and unwind at this exclusive resort. As there is no direct flight to Lanai from the US mainland so the most efficient way of reaching here is by flying on a private charter plane.

Norman’s Cay, The Bahamas:

Norman’s Cay is another popular destination for private jet owners. This small island is a tropical paradise, with its white-sandy beaches and soothing turquoise water. it’s perfect rejuvenation for your soul. Because of the presence of super luxurious resorts like MacDuff’s, it’s a popular holiday spot for the elite. If you want to unwind at a calm and relaxing place then do make this Caribbean island part of your itinerary.

 Island of St. Barts or Saint Barthelemy:       

The island of St. Barts within the Caribbean is the playground for the super-rich. It is one of those few places where you can easily spot celebrities basking in the sun. The best way of traveling here is through a private jet or charter plane as the runaway is extremely steep. Other than celebs, you can enjoy the stunning view of the coast here or even take one of the luxury yachts for roaming.

St. Moritz, Switzerland:

If you’re looking for an extraordinary skiing experience with the likes of the Swedish royal family, St. Moritz is for you. Enjoy the glitz of a fancy après-ski experience at this exclusive Swiss resort that is reserved only for the ultra-rich. You can only fly to this extravagant resort via a private jet otherwise you need to travel 3 hours by road from Zurich to reach here. But that’s not all, if you fly here, you get to witness the mesmerizing views of the Swiss Alps.

Faeroe Islands:

These North Atlantic islands are situated in the Arctic circle and offer a stunning view of 1,289kms of coastline. These isles are a combination of 18 different islands that are present at the far end of northern Europe. The best way of reaching these islands is by taking a private plane and who knows? Perhaps you might get lucky enough to witness the northern lights.

These are some places that you can effortlessly access if you have a private jet. If you don’t own one now, it’s best if you start browsing through the web for different aircraft for sale.



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