How Ergonomics improves your workplace?

Author : Kranthi
Publish Date : 2020-05-23

How Ergonomics improves your workplace?

What is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics is the design of the workplace to the needs of the user in order to reduce the discomfort and increase efficiency and productivity.

Many things fall into this like the type of table and chair, seating arrangement, the height of the desk, angle of the computer, etc. All these are arranged in a way to increase the smoothness of the work without hurting eyes or wrist or back for improper posture etc. and repetitive movements.

Do you know that sitting for long hours at a place without proper setup would cause Musculoskeletal Disorders? It might also impact on your mental health. In order to avoid ergonomic risks, the workplace has to be designed in such a way as to increase in the mental and physical health which will ultimately increase the productivity of the employee.

Here are the other benefits of Ergonomics at the workplace.


Improves productivity

Choosing proper ergonomics would improve productivity. With fewer motions, good seating posture, less exertion, better heights & reaches, the efficiency at the workplace can be increased.

Studies say, at least a 25% increase in productivity can be seen with proper ergonomics.

Reduces costs.

A workplace without ergonomics would be a risk factor for employees and could cause Musculoskeletal Disorders. These costs might not reflect directly to the companies accounts book, but impact negatively in many ways. It is a great cost-saving factor to implement ergonomics at the workplace.

Improves quality.

Proper ergonomics reduce the strain, thereby reducing the frustration in the employees which makes them give their best work. Even though employees are properly trained, they may not perform to the mark if the job is taking a toll on their physical health. Sometimes a small task cannot be performed well producing scrap or errors.

Studies say good ergonomics reduce an average of 67% errors/scrap.

Improves employee engagement.

If a company is providing its best ergonomics to the employees ensuring its physical and mental health and safety, then the employee will face less discomfort and fatigue at the workplace. This improves morale, reduces employee absenteeism, and improves employee engagement. Coworking spaces in Chennai have ergonomics in store for their companies and also provide various activities for employee engagement.

Studies say, on an average employee turnover reduces by 48% and employee absenteeism by 58%.

Creates a better safety culture.

Ergonomics shows that a company is concerned about its employees’ health and safety. The cumulative effect of the above-shown benefits shows that a company is concerned about its employees. After all the health of the employees is a valuable asset to a company that improves the performance of all the employees at the workplace in an organization.

Reading all the above facts, do you think Workplace Ergonomics is worth the cost?

Yes, it not increase the productivity for your company but preserves the health and safety of all the humans over there.

A good company would take the following into consideration while making decisions

  • Is this the right thing to do?
  • Does this increase the revenues for the company?
  • Does this save any costs to the company?

The answer is Yes to all the three questions if you consider workplace ergonomics.

Although it is important, the manager may not have time to maintain ergonomics at the workplace due to cost or any other factors. This is where the role of coworking spaces like iKeva comes into the picture.

Most of the coworking spaces or shared offices maintain ergonomics and provide a hassle-free workspace to the companies of almost any size.

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