Do you understand what a real estate consultants objectives are?

Publish Date : 2021-08-06

Do you understand what a real estate consultants objectives are?

After the real estate crisis, the world of the property business has changed. Not only have prices varied a lot, which surprised those who thought, for example, that they could never go down but, coinciding with the internet boom, the way of promoting and carrying out transactions has also changed.

As in all areas, a readjustment had to take place in the different phases of the business to guarantee the number of operations and that the market continued. One of those parts was the real estate consultant… what does this figure represent?

A real estate consultant, according to the Royal Academy of the Language, is a "person who is an expert in a subject on which he advises professionally". This professional, after the real estate crisis and in tune with the internet, discovered that there were new ways of offering properties, growing national and international links, massive distribution of information, among others. His role as a freelancer began to position him as central since traditional tasks multiplied and now it turns out to be an activity that requires learning ability, adaptation to new technologies, and also knowledge about values, prices, and appraisal.

This has also greatly facilitated the development of operations for real estate companies, who value consultants who can carry out their activity with great profession and seriousness since this directly increases the number of operations in the day-to-day. Being a person who is exclusively dedicated to consulting issues, the tasks are diversified and very interesting links are nurtured, between clients from different parts of the world. This has been fundamental, since there are always investors from different countries looking for the investment opportunity, and it is decided that there is someone who captures that money by offering a property tailored to it.

Among the multiplicity of functions that the real estate consultant develops we find:

Contacts for businesses around the world: thanks to the ease of national and international communication provided by the internet, the real estate consultant, as a freelancer, provides a great opportunity by getting easier to a successful connection between buyers and sellers from all over the world. world.

Search for new real estate: the opportunities are still there, it is a matter of knowing how to look for them. The skill is that the consultant knows how to move and get advice to expand the portfolio of real estate properties.

Knowledge to assess and set prices: the domain for the appraisal and the levels of price variation according to the indices of the moment, is essential to increase the utility in the functions in this type of profession, since it provides quick solutions to both the real estate and to customers interested in making a transaction.

The domain of the real estate business through the web: webcasting today is one of the most efficient ways that exist to make purchases, sales, and rentals of properties. Mastering this world positions consultants in a multiplicity of tasks, which makes them indispensable. Knowing how to edit photographs and have good shots also allows, at the moment of the offer, to tempt interested parties.

Telephone contact with stakeholders: management, in a broad sense, and the details, such as phone calls with stakeholders, is crucial to keep the communication channel alive and sustain the interest of those who want to carry out an operation.

Real knowledge of the properties: mobility and physical knowledge of the properties, continue to be one of the basic principles to have a real notion of what is the state of the property with which a type of management is going to be carried out.

Preparation of contracts and negotiation with stakeholders: preparing contracts and reaching a successful conclusion in the negotiation with stakeholders is one of the tools that a real estate consultant has to facilitate the process and earn money with an operation. As a freelancer, learning different facets of this business allows you the possibility of increasing your income.

Completion of the sale and final signature: knowing the mechanism for closing the sale and signing contracts is all that is necessary for a purchase and sale or rental transaction to be successful.

Depending on the real estate agency for which you develop your activity, you must perform some or all of these functions and even others. International real estate consultants operate with fixed standards and their list of requirements, in general, tends to be generic, which can be more beneficial for those who are just starting out and do not know how much to charge. A local company also allows you to start on this path and, depending on the characteristics of each real estate consultant.


The real estate consultant job is basically the same as it was 10 years ago.

The only difference is that the client demands advice that implies a deep knowledge of both the market and the contemporary areas that affect an operation of these characteristics.

That is to say, the client wants to buy or sell, but he does not have to know about real estate taxes, or legislation, or mortgages, or market prices.

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