Will this AZ-300 Dumps come with Money back Guarantee

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Will this AZ-300 Dumps come with Money back Guarantee

DumpsExpert.com is one of the most reliable Companies in providing certification preparation materials for MICROSOFT AZ-300 certifications. We provide you the 100% guaranteed success to clear the certification exams in your first attempt with our comprehensive resources and clear practice guidelines.



MICROSOFT AZ-300 exams are one of the most popular certification exams in IT industry. A huge number of IT Enterprises sought and they have placed MICROSOFT AZ-300 certification exam as a qualification for their jobs. That’s why a lot of IT professionals, particularly developers, implementation consultants, technical support personnel, and system administrators are putting a lot of effort to look for the right kind of exam preparation materials for AZ-300 MICROSOFT AZ-300 certification exam. In doing so, many of them get lost within the vast jungle of preparation references, books and whatnot. And they are investing their major chunk of time not in the real practice but in searching the appropriate study materials and exam guidelines. So stop wasting your time and effort, and start your real practice from today.

Try These MICROSOFT AZ-300 Actual Questions

DumpsExpert.com is the front-runner in providing authentic and up to date preparation materials for the MICROSOFT AZ-300. With DumpsExpert.com, you will have access to appropriate and best training materials so that you can directly start your real practice for the AZ-300 exam. DumpsExpert.com covers all the pertinent areas and necessary guidelines to enable you to clear the AZ-300 exam with minimum hassle.


Acquiring all the required knowledge is not sufficient to pass any certification exams. This is because, beside the content knowledge, you need an appropriate test-taking plan, time management skill, and above all, confidence. That is why practicing the exam before taking the real AZ-300 braindumps is very crucial. Before appearing in the exam you must have a much detailed sense of the areas to focus on the exam, prospective question types, the exam-time scenario, appropriate pacing, and test-taking strategies. And facilitate this, we, at DumpsExpert.com; have assembled a pool of required preparation materials with all the essential information with in-depth coverage of the AZ-300 exam. The topics covered for the exam are as follows:


· Automating Business Policies,

· Application Design,

· Report Definition rules

Along with the resources for the foundational knowledge required for the AZ-300 exam, we also provide you the ample test-taking guidelines for you to clear your exam with absolute confidence. With these resources, you will be able to prioritize and learn all the required topics and increase your competency and skill for taking the MICROSOFT AZ-300 Certification exam.

MICROSOFT AZ-300 Is Not Tough Anymore

For your proper preparation for the AZ-300 exam, we are providing our practice resources and guidelines in two versions: Preparation PDF and Preparation Software.

In the Preparation PDF version, you will get a comprehensive set of real AZ-300 exam questions with the verified answers. These questions cover the AZ-300 exam objectives and provide you the relevant content to build your foundational knowledge regarding the MICROSOFT AZ-300. You will also have access to the complete set of prospective questions, tips, and tricks to tackle each of their types. And all of these materials are up to date and they are prepared by the MICROSOFT AZ-300 Specialists.

MICROSOFT AZ-300 Preparation Shortcut to Success

We take pride in our dedication and delivery of an excellent product and offering it at an affordable price. Our product has served tens of thousands of customers to successfully pass their MICROSOFT AZ-300 exam dumps and build their careers. You can join the happy family now. You can know more about products on our Product page or if you want to hear what our customers have to say, refer to the Testimonials page.


Skills Measured



NOTE: The bullets that appear below each of the skills measured are intended to illustrate how we are assessing that skill. This list is not definitive or exhaustive.


NOTE: In most cases, exams do NOT cover preview features, and some features will only be added to an exam when they are GA (General Availability).


Deploy and configure infrastructure (40-45%)


Analyze resource utilization and consumption



  configure diagnostic settings on resources

  create baseline for resources

  create and test alerts

  analyze alerts across subscription


  analyze metrics across subscription

  create action groups

  monitor for unused resources

  monitor spend

  report on spend

  utilize Log Search query functions

  view Alerts in Azure Monitor logs

  visualize diagnostics data using Azure Monitor Workbooks



Create and configure storage accounts



  configure network access to the storage account

  create and configure storage account

  generate Shared access signature

  implement Azure AD authentication for storage

  install and use Azure Storage Explorer

  manage access keys

  monitor Activity log by using Azure Monitor logs

  implement Azure storage replication

  implement Azure storage account failover



Create and configure a VM for Windows and Linux



  configure High Availability

  configure Monitoring

  configure Networking

  configure Storage

  configure Virtual Machine Size

  implement dedicated hosts

  deploy and configure scale sets



Automate deployment of VMs



  modify Azure Resource Manager template

  configure Location of new VMs

  configure VHD template

  deploy from template

  save a deployment as an Azure Resource Manager template

  deploy Windows and Linux VMs



Create connectivity between virtual networks



  create and configure Vnet peering


  create and configure Vnet to Vnet connections

  verify virtual network connectivity

  create virtual network gateway



Implement and manage virtual networking



  configure private IP addressing

  configure public IP addresses

  create and configure network routes

  create and configure network interface

  create and configure subnets

  create and configure virtual network

  create and configure Network Security Groups and Application Security Groups



Manage Azure Active Directory



  add custom domains

  configure Azure AD Identity Protection

  configure Azure AD Join

  configure self-service password reset

  implement conditional access policies

  manage multiple directories

  perform an access review



Implement and manage hybrid identities



  install and configure Azure AD Connect

  configure federation

  configure single sign-on

  manage and troubleshoot Azure AD Connect

  troubleshoot password sync and writeback



Implement solutions that use virtual machines (VM)



  provision VMs

  create Azure Resource Manager templates

  configure Azure Disk Encryption for VMs

  implement Azure Backup for VMs



Implement workloads and security (25-30%)


Migrate servers to Azure



  migrate servers using Azure Migrate


Configure serverless computing



  create and manage objects

  manage a Logic App Resource

  manage Azure Function app settings

  manage Event Grid

  manage Service Bus



Implement application load balancing



  configure application gateway

  configure Azure Front Door service

  configure Azure Traffic Manager



Integrate on premises network with Azure virtual network



  create and configure Azure VPN Gateway

  create and configure site to site VPN

  configure ExpressRoute

  configure Virtual WAN

  verify on premises connectivity

  troubleshoot on premises connectivity with Azure



Implement multi factor authentication



  configure user accounts for MFA

  configure fraud alerts

  configure bypass options

  configure Trusted IPs

  configure verification methods



Manage role-based access control



  create a custom role

  configure access to Azure resources by assigning roles

  configure management access to Azure

  troubleshoot RBAC

  implement Azure Policies

  assign RBAC Roles



Create and deploy apps (5-10%)


Create web apps by using PaaS


  create an Azure app service Web App

  create documentation for the API

  create an App Service Web App for Containers

  create an App Service background task by using WebJobs

  enable diagnostics logging



Design and develop apps that run in containers



  configure diagnostic settings on resources

  create a container image by using a Dockerfile

  create an Azure Kubernetes Service

  publish an

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