Why do we soak Almonds overnight ?

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Publish Date : 2020-03-25

Why do we soak Almonds overnight ?

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Question Club have received a new question stating "Why do we soak Almond Overnight”?

Well, most of you would say when you soak almonds overnight and the next morning after removing the brown peeling, it tastes better and it is easy to chew. Eating almond is a good habit as it is good for health and fulfill your body with essential nutrients.

This could be one of the reasons “why we soak Almonds overnight”?

Let’s discuss some other reason with more details:-

  • Weight Loss

Are you wondering how eating soaked almonds help you in reducing weight? The answer to this is simple, as the fat present in soaked almonds keeps you full and curbs your appetite. You feel like munching them frequently which avoids fast food eating habits and in return can lead to Weight Loss.

  • Helps in fighting Cancer

Yes, you heard it right, Almonds have Vitamin B17 which helps in fighting cancer. Isn't this a great source of nutrient which improves your immunity and can even help you with dangerous diseases like Cancer.

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  • Improves your memory

 You might always come across this advertisement  where it mentions that almond sharpens your memory. Yes, that's true almond helps in improving memory as it contains Vitamin E, omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, phyto chemicals acting as antioxidants to combat inflammation in the brain.

  • Helps in Digestion

Soaked almonds help in digestion as they release enzymes which improve your digestion. As soaked almonds are easier to chew, it reduces the time taken by the digestive system and in turn helps in digestion.

  • Maintaining Health 

Soaked almonds help in increasing good cholesterol and reducing the bad ones, which keeps your heart healthy and fit. Soaked almonds also release antioxidants which helps to prevent ageing and also inhibits free radical damage. Soaked almonds keep your blood pressure in check and maintain proper glucose level.

            Question Clubs suggests you to keep your digestion healthy with the help of soaked almonds. Develop healthy habits and have soaked almonds regularly.

            Health is Wealth. Stay tuned with Question Clubs.

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