What Is Cmms Software?

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Publish Date : 2020-05-28

What Is Cmms Software?

Computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is a software package which maintains an information computer database about maintenance activities of an organization. This information is meant to help maintenance workers perform their jobs more efficiently and support management in taking informed decisions. A CMMS offers several core maintenance functions. It is not limited to manufacturing but extends to facilities, utilities, fleet, hospitals, sports arenas and more where any kind of equipment/assets are subject to repair and require maintenance. 


With advanced technology and increased competition, growing numbers of businesses are moving to CMMS instead of using traditional methods to track and organize data. It is a software solution that allows maintenance organizers, operations managers, and other workers to record, manage and communicate their daily operations. CMMS is an essential part of any modern maintenance organization, although it is used by wide range of other organizations that carry out maintenance activities on-site.




  • Maintenance Tool 

  • Provides a central storage location for the majority of data and information for your assets 

  • Manages and controls your work and materials management processes 

  • Tracks maintenance activity over the lifecycle of an asset



  • Inventory and Asset Management: It is one of the foremost benefits of CMMS software as managing your assets and all the parts you have to keep in stock can become quite challenging.


  • Tracking and Reporting: One of the first things you'll note when you start using a CMMS is the sheer quantity of monitored data and reports that you have. This makes it easy to report on these costs, to see where the budget has been spent, and to make informed decisions.


  • Cost Reductions: An effective maintenance team should not only concentrate on resolving issues quickly when they occur, but also take proactive steps to anticipate and avoid possible breakdowns. Better maintenance means fewer break-downs and longer lifespan of the equipment. In addition, CMMS helps the team to communicate more easily, which ensures that the work can be started quicker and finished within defined deadlines.


Major industries that CMMS serves:


  • Manufacturing – Production maintenance is used by companies that build things.  CMMS can help maintain asset life, track maintenance costing and also predict and prevent equipment failures.

  • Facilities – Facility maintenance is performed by companies that take care of different types of buildings.

  • Fleet – Companies that maintain vehicles use fleet maintenance. By implementing CMMS in your organization, you can keep an account of all the vehicles you own, and create a preventive maintenance schedule for them. 


  • Services – Companies that provide asset maintenance services as their primary activity or they provide other services that include assets that they maintain in-house are major CMMS users.


Advantages of a Mobile CMMS


Before mobile maintenance apps became available, technicians and managers would have to log work on a central computer. Following are some of the advantages.


It creates more reliable data:

With a mobile CMMS, technicians can record information at the site where they operate, ensuring reliable and timely information.


 Asset information:

Minimize overtime by saving the time that has historically been spent on seeking information in folders and files.


 Scheduling work: 

Schedule, allocate and accomplish work orders faster and with complete precision.


Inventory and spare parts are tracked more accurately:

They can manage the inventory of spare parts efficiently which later helps in performing repairs quickly. With a mobile CMMS, they can keep constant track of equipment parts, maintenance procedures and inventory levels to avoid any delays. 


EcoDocs is a cloud-based CMMS software that organizes, tracks, and schedules your quality, compliance, and maintenance management tasks, which is going to make your workers more agile and productive.


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