Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Laser Tattoo Removal

Publish Date : 2020-08-05

Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoos and permanent body marks have been around since ancient times. In earlier times people used to wear tattoos to depict their opinions, feelings, cultural and ideological beliefs, but not anymore. Nowadays people mostly wear tattoos to show love and affection for someone or something they truly care for.

But what happens when the relationship is no more and you realize you have one of the worst tattoos that can exist? Or you no longer have any love for the permanent ink that is etched on your body? In that case, laser treatments in Dubai for tattoo removal is your only option.

There are many misconceptions and myths about laser tattoo removal that are actually not true. Several people are still unsure and are holding back from getting the regrettable ink removed from their bodies. These people are in doubt because of these myths that are floating around. Let’s not waste any more time and debunk these myths. 

6 Misconceptions and Myths about Laser Tattoo Removal 

  • Tattoo Removal Pain is Unbearable 

I will start by saying that the procedure is not completely painless. You may experience some pain while the laser is heating your skin cells. However, the pain is very much bearable, thanks to the numbing agents that are applied before the procedure. For larger tattoos, your doctor can even use an anesthetic to completely numb your skin. Some modern laser systems nowadays are equipped with air-cooling devices which means that they cause no pain at all. 

  • Older Tattoos are Harder to get Rid of as Compared to New Ones 

This myth is not true at all because of two reasons.  

  • Older tattoos have already lost most of their ink throughout the years.   

  • Most of the skin underneath the tattoo has also reformed.  

These two facts prove that older tattoos are easier to remove than newer ones. 

  • You Only Need One Session to Remove a Tattoo 

Every sitting for laser tattoo removal is usually done after every four weeks. The number of sittings depends on the size, location, and the type of ink used in making the tattoo. Even for a smaller tattoo, you will need at least two sittings to remove it. Hence, it is proved that no tattoo can be removed in a single sitting. 

  • Laser Damages the Skin while Removing the Tattoo 

Laser is not introduced a month ago. There has been years and years of improvement since it was first practiced. Moreover, laser treatment for tattoo removal is approved by the FDA after ensuring that it is not harmful to your skin whatsoever. Laser treatment can cause complications in the skin if not done by an expert laser technician. If done correctly, this treatment has no side effects. 

  • Laser Tattoo Removal procedure is Safe for Everybody 

Everyone and every skin type are not suitable for laser treatment. It is possible that a board-certified dermatologist completely disapproves this laser skin care procedure for you as it can sometimes do more harm than good. This is the reason that you should always consult a doctor and not just get the laser treatment where it is available. 

  • Using Tattoo Removal Creams Along with laser treatment can make it go very Fast 

This myth is completely bizarre! It can force a very bad reaction which can lead to serious health problems and can also cause skin cancer. You should always consult with your doctor before using any cream on your skin while undergoing a laser procedure. Even after the procedure is done, you should only use those products that are recommended by your doctor and nothing else. 

Final Verdict 

Getting tattoos and then getting them removed for any reason is a very common practice all around the world. After the disgusting work of many so-called tattoo removal experts, people are now desperately trying to find a working procedure for the permanent laser tattoo removal in Dubai and other countries.  

It is good to be careful when you know your facial skin is at stake but being over conscious can lead to overthinking that demotivates you.  

If you are still unsure then visit a dermatologist and share your doubts with him regarding tattoo removal(إزالة الوشم في دبي). I am sure he will come up with answers that can satisfy you. 


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