Mechagodzilla Almost Avenged 2014s MUTO In Godzilla vs Kong

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Mechagodzilla Almost Avenged 2014s MUTO In Godzilla vs Kong

Godzilla vs. Kong's Mechagodzilla nearly avenges the final MUTO featured in 2014's Godzilla by stealing one of the titular Titan's best moves. After the foundation was laid in previous installments, Godzilla vs. Kong marks the epic faceoff between the two most iconic Titans in Legendary's MonsterVerse. Though they initially view each other as enemies, the pair come together to defeat Apex Cybernetics' mechanized Titan modeled after Godzilla. After the invention takes control of its own conscience, it performs a fighting technique that serves as a nod to the lone surviving MUTO in Godzilla.

Despite being intended as a surprise for Godzilla vs. Kong, the news of Mechagodzilla's introduction into the MonsterVerse was leaked a year ahead of the film's release. The special character was first developed for the 1974 film titled Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla. Unlike the Titan featured in the MonsterVerse, which is an artificial weapon meant to rise as the alpha, the original version was an extraterrestrial who emerged as Godzilla's arch-rival. In Godzilla vs. Kong, Mechagodzilla is powered by Apex's tech through one of Ghidorah's skulls and piloted by Ren Serizawa (Shun Oguri). Once powered by raw energy from Hollow Earth, Mechagodzilla goes on a rampage, killing Apex's leader and targeting his nemesis.

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Following Godzilla and Kong's big showdown in Hong Kong, the latter is left dying after submitting to his opponent. Meanwhile, Mechagodzilla breaks free from the Apex facility and sets its sights on Godzilla. The climactic battle ensues, proving Apex's creations is capable of overpowering Godzilla. The Titan is clearly overpowered, leading to a moment when Mechagodzilla takes hold of Godzilla's head. Prying open the creature's jaw, Mechagodzilla is about to use its own red atomic breath to kill Godzilla, but a revived Kong arrives just in time to stop the killing blow. The action almost used by Mechagodzilla would be recognizable to fans of the MonsterVerse, seeing as it's one of Godzilla's signature killing moves and one used in a pivotal scene from the franchise's debut installment.

When Godzilla launched the film series, MUTOs served as the primary antagonists. The Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organisms eventually converge to San Francisco while snatching the Army's warheads meant to destroy the creatures. Godzilla actively tried to eliminate the MUTOs, but as the Titan was busy killing the male MUTO, the female targeted Ford (Aaron Taylor-Johnson), who was trying to dispose of the last bomb. Attempting to take the warhead out to sea, the female MUTO found him, but Godzilla arrived before she could do anything. The Titan then pried open her jaws and used its blue atomic breath down her throat, which ultimately severed her head. Based on the mirrored scene in Godzilla vs. Kong, it's almost as if Mechagodzilla is fully aware of Godzilla's signature move and is intentionally trying to avenge the monsters from the first movie.

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When Godzilla defeated the female MUTO, the Titan was dubbed the "King of the Monsters" before fully acquiring the title in the sequel, Godzilla: King of the Monsters. With Apex's plans of exterminating the Titans using Mechagodzilla in Godzilla vs. Kong, it's a clever callback for the new villain to use a move that initially solidified Godzilla as a protector in the eyes of the world. There's a belief that Mechagodzilla becomes powered by Ghidorah's consciousness after severing Apex's control. It's possible Ghidorah uses the special atomic breath move as a way to turn the tables on Godzilla as a way to claim the title of King of the Monsters. Granted, Ghidorah nor Mechagodzilla get the chance to serve as the sole alpha since a team-up between Godzilla and Kong is no match for any enemy.

King Kong’s height has changed quite a bit since his first movie appearance in 1933. After turning into a cinematic legend, the American pop culture icon has been featured in a number of big-screen adventures, with each adaptation making at least some changes to both the monster himself and the story.

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Kong is one of the two most popular characters in the giant monster movie genre. The other, Godzilla, has starred in over 30 movies, most of which being with Japanese studio Toho. Given that so many filmmakers have been able to try their hand at Godzilla, there are multiple different versions in existence at this point. Kong, on the other hand, has a much smaller list of movie appearances. Prior to Godzilla vs Kong, the ape has been the focus of eight live-action films, some of which being sequels. In total, there are six versions of Kong that have been brought to the big screen.

Unlike Godzilla, Kong is traditionally depicted as a sympathetic figure capable of connecting and even caring for humans. A key aspect of his character that tends to vary from film to film is his size, which ranges from 12 feet to 335 feet. Here’s how tall Kong is in every movie.

King Kong director Merian C. Cooper delivered a history-making film when he brought King Kong to life in 1933. The movie’s use of special effects and stop-motion animation to make it appear that a gorilla of gigantic proportions was attacking New York City and scaling the Empire State Building was unprecedented. Interestingly, they used different models for Kong, so his size was inconsistent. He was 18 feet in the Skull Island portion of the story, and 24 feet while loose in the city. That being said, marketing and other action sequences placed him at approximately 50 feet tall.

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Released in December 1933 was a direct sequel to King Kong: Son of Kong. As the title implies, the movie centered on the giant ape’s offspring, who is nicknamed “Little Kong” by one of the human characters. This creature, who is far from an adult member of his species, stood out for his white fur, which made him visually distinct from his father. Though he was created using many of the same models from the 1933 film, Little Kong was no more than 12 feet tall.

Kong received a major size upgrade when Toho worked out a deal with RKO for a crossover with their own mascot, Gojira. In 1962’s King Kong vs. Godzilla, a new version of Kong was introduced. This particular take on Kong, who was much bulkier and less agile than usual, stood at a towering 147 feet. This major adjustment allowed him to fight on the same level as Godzilla. Thanks to the size change and the addition of new electrical powers, Kong was able to push the kaiju to his limit.

After King Kong vs. Godzilla, Toho was given one more opportunity to utilize Kong. Despite him appearing to be the same version that fought Godzilla in 1962, his size in King Kong Escapes was lowered considerably from his appearance in the previous film. He was only 65 feet tall for his fights with the giant Allosaurus known as Gorosaurus and Kong's robotic counterpart, Mechani-Kong. However, that still puts him above most interpretations of the monster.

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In 1976, Paramount produced a remake of the 1933 classic, and made very little changes to the iconic monster’s portrayal, except that he was significantly larger in proportion to the movie’s human cast and less monster-like in terms of his personality. In one memorable scene, Paramount’s 55-foot-tall King Kong climbed the World Trade Center, which stood in as a replacement for the Empire State Building.

Ten years later, a sequel to 1976’s King Kong – King Kong Lives – continued the ape’s story by giving him a family. A five-foot increase in height bumped Paramount’s version up to 60 feet, which made him the largest Kong in an American production (up until the release of Kong: Skull Island).

Acclaimed director Peter Jackson rebooted King Kong in 2005. Instead of upping his size as the 1976 remake did, the Universal movie went in the other direction. Whereas the 1933 Kong sometimes towered around 50 feet, this character’s height didn’t exceed 25 feet. In the 2005 reboot’s interpretation of the story, the monster’s stature was explained by the revelation that he’s the last surviving member of a prehistoric species called “Megaprimatus kong”.

The second installment in Legendary’s MonsterVerse, Kong: Skull Island, took away the monster’s “King” title, but didn’t detract from his image as a powerful beast who reigns over the other denizens of Skull Island. At 104 feet, the MonsterVerse’s Kong is the biggest to appear on the big screen since his crossover with Gojira in 1962. It was revealed that in the MonsterVerse mythos, Kong is countered as one of several Titans that lives on Earth, with others being Godzilla, Rodan, Mothra, King Ghidorah, and more.

On March 31, Toho’s Kong will lose his title as the largest version of the monster to grace the big screen. He’s about to be dwarfed by the titular Titan from Godzilla vs. Kong. An official poster for the upcoming film has confirmed that Kong will be taller than ever at an impressive 335 feet. Admittedly, he’ll still be a bit shorter than the 394-foot-tall Godzilla, but that will at least help even the playing field in time for their highly-anticipated showdown. It’s a huge change from his first MonsterVerse appearance in Skull Island as well as a repeat of King Kong vs. Godzilla’s biggest revision to the monster - but it was one that had to happen. Legendary’s Godzilla is far larger than all versions that have come before him. Skull Island’s Kong was only a third of his height, so the size gap had to be narrowed in order for him to have any hope of posing a physical challenge.

As for how the size increase works in regards to the movie’s story, Kong getting bigger was set up in Skull Island when it was made clear that Kong wasn’t fully grown yet. Apparently, Kong was still an adolescent at this time. Since that film was set in the early 1970s, enough time has passed for the King of Skull Island to grow a whopping 231 feet.

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