How to Write a Substitute Teacher Resume

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Publish Date : 2020-03-25

How to Write a Substitute Teacher Resume

How to Write a Substitute Teacher Resume

When you interview for a substitute teacher, you need to present a substitute teacher resume, not just any resume. When you hand out a generic resume to everything you apply for, your resume will be quickly skimmed and discarded. Don't let this happen to you! Having a job-specific resume immediately tells your interviewer that you understand the responsibilities and are capable of fulfilling them.

There are many opportunities for teachers of all age levels and subjects, so you're on top of the game for searching how you can make it into the field. High five! But keep in mind that you'll have competitors. Stand out!

1) Substitute teacher resume objective

substitute teacher resume

Your first and potentially only chance to grab the employer's attention for the rest of your substitute teacher resume is with an impactful objective. This is your objection statement that puts your best foot forward. It's the elevator pitch on paper.  

When writing your objective, you need to state your goals and share how you can be a valuable asset. Include your most relevant experience as well. Always include the company or school name in your objective as well. It's an eye-catching personal touch.

Here's an awesome list of substitute teacher resume objectives examples that can be the cherry on top of your substitute teacher resume.

2) Reflect the job description in your substitute teacher resume job description

substitute teacher resume


Reflect on your substitute teacher job description for resume. A stellar substitute teacher resume is one that reflects your attention to the job description. When applying to many positions, you might start skimming the descriptions. Don't fall into this habit! Applying is all about standing out and not remembering what's on the substitute teacher job description will be standing out the wrong way.

Both your resume and cover letter should reflect the key points of the substitute teacher job description. Recruiters will know that you actually took the time to read the description and you get to show how you're the right match. So utilize the description for your substitute teacher resume and you'll be able to shine among the pile of applicants.


3) Include responsibilities in your substitute teacher resume

substitute teacher resume

When applying for any job, it's important for your substitute teacher resume to contain some of the responsibilities listed in the application.

Schools want to know that you're capable of fulfilling substitute teacher responsibilities. This is where you can fine-tune the wording of your past teaching experiences. If a job description calls for a "passion for enhancing student learning outcomes," then you should include when you actually enhanced student learning in past jobs. 


4) Include certification in the substitute teacher resume

substitute teacher resume

Don't assume that love for teaching kids creates a solid substitute teacher resume. It's only the beginning! When looking through hundreds of resumes, employers want to ensure that you're already qualified by the state to teach. If your certifications aren't on your resume, recruiters may think that you don't have them at all. 

The process of becoming a substitute teacher is easy. It requires some paperwork and testing to ensure you’re qualified, healthy and capable of providing a safe environment for students.

Your substitute teacher resume should include certifications such as the 30 Day Teaching Permit or CA Teaching Credential, and a CBEST if you haven't passed out of it.

You can review all of the substitute teacher certifications you need to start teaching.


5) Tie everything together into a substitute teacher resume

It's time to translate your knowledge and competency into a clear and impactful substitute teacher resume. 

This is where you incorporate general tips for writing a resume like starting your descriptions with solid action words and having clean formatting. You can check out our blog on how to write a general resume. If you want further aid for a job-specific resume, we like this substitute teacher resume sample.

Once you cater your resume to the substitute teacher position, you'll have a stellar resume that will be sure to stand out!




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