How to set up an effective digital marketing strategy?

Author : Epsom
Publish Date : 2020-03-25

How to set up an effective digital marketing strategy?

When establishing a digital marketing strategy, the first concern is to think carefully while taking into account the specificities of the targets, the market, the products/services offered, etc.

Most Internet users are registered at least on a community site. Already in 2010, a study by the BSI (Brand Science Institute) demonstrated that 81% of European companies (12 countries) having launched marketing communication operations did not have a social media strategy, which explained their failure.

1st: define the objectives of the digital marketing strategy

What are your marketing goals?
The answer should not be "because everyone does it", but must meet one or more objectives. First of all, these must be precise. We can use the memo-technical means: SMART
Specific  : concrete values
Measurable  : indicator indicators

  • Achievable depending on the context, the
  • Realistic market if we have enough resources to do it
  • Temporal , ie defined over time.
  • Example of specific objective: "create a blog that will be in the top 100 of the most read within 9 months"
  • Our advice : do not get lost unnecessarily on objectives that you will have difficulty achieving because either they are too numerous or because that they are too complicated.

2nd: think about why develop a digital marketing strategy

There are many reasons, but the first of all is that with the digitalization of businesses, digital marketing is becoming essential. The challenge is major because many companies have disappeared since the 2000s because they had not operated this digital transformation . It is certainly important to continue prospecting , canvassing, but the company's targets and competitors are already using it on these digital levers. Digital marketing is the sector most used by companies to operate this transformation.
generate leads: contact and contact info.

  • collect emails
  • manage the company's e-reputation
  • recruit influencers
  • generate traffic (SEO services and inbound marketing)

3rd: who should this digital marketing strategy address?

Without this prior work, it is a waste of money and time, so defining targets is certainly the most important step.
You have to segment and target, know your market well. We recommend developing the typical profile of the ideal client for the company (or project). It is not uncommon to develop 2 or 3 different profiles, also called personas. Personas are fictitious people representing an ideal target profile. This technique makes it possible to better take into account all the characteristics of the users of the products and services offered by the company. It is an effective tool that allows you to adapt your digital marketing strategy. Above all, it provides answers to the “why” seen above.

4th: what message to deliver in the digital marketing strategy?

Based on its positioning, the company establishes an editorial strategy specific to each of the targets determined during the 3rd stage, the personas. The set must meet the specific needs of the personas. It must be clear, simple and consistent. The target is at the heart of its content strategy, so all content must be of high quality.
The type of content also depends on the channels chosen. The content on a blog will be different than on Facebook, for example.

The most used type of content is certainly editorial. Communication agencies are hiring more and more copywriters. Today, marketers are also investing more and more in image, video and computer graphics software.

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