How to draw Superman

Author : satyam123mj
Publish Date : 2020-04-04

How to draw Superman

Today I am going to teach you how to draw Superman. I am going to teach you a very easy and simple method of drawing Superman's full body for beginners and also for intermediate.


how to draw superman
How to draw Superman

Before drawing superman lets talk about superman and History Of Superman.


History Of Superman

Superman is a fictional superhero come into view in American Comic Books published by dc comics. The character was created by writer JERRY SIEGEL and JOE SHUSTER. Superman debuted in action comics dated June 1938 so here we can conclude that superman is one of the oldest superheroes we got.

Artist John Romita Jr. has been a heroic name in comics now for over three decades, providing art for classic and authoritative runs on comics like Iron Man, Daredevil, Uncanny, X-Men, Thor, Amazing Spider-Man, Avengers and many many others.

                               After nearly three decades being almost totally synonymous with marvel comics, he moved to dc comics in 2014 and starting a runs on Superman with writer Geoff John. Introducing new costume for Man Of Steel


the rise of Superman is the scenario that relates superman's arrival on the beginnings of his career as a Superhero.


Superman Images 

how to draw superman
Superman vs Batman movie
how to draw superman
Superman 1
how to draw superman
Flying Superman
how to draw superman
Superman Cartoon Images
how to draw superman
Superman in Action
how to draw superman
Superman i


how to draw superman
film superman

Pics of Superman

HaHaHa!!! sorry for a quiet boring lecture but now I must say it would be enough to know about superman.

What You Will Need To Draw Superman Sketch


  1. drawing sheet(chart paper)
  2. pencil
  3. eraser
  4. ruler
  5. black ball pen
drawing sheet
black ball pen












proart by satyam

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Natural Village Scenery Drawing Easy
NOW  it's time to Learn How To Draw Superman

So, let's begin........

Step 1
                        Take a white drawing sheet and draw a horizontal and a vertical symmetrical line with the pencil using light strokes.


For more steps with images, Click the Link:- 

How to draw Superman

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