Heavy truck inspection checklist

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Publish Date : 2020-06-11

Heavy truck inspection checklist

The checklist for heavy truck inspection includes:

  • Engine 

  • Oil Level

  • Coolant Level

  • Power Steering

  • Water Pump

  • Air Compressor

  • Hoses

  • Steering Box

  • Steering Box Hoses

  • Steering Linkage

  • Springs

  • Brake Hose

  • Brake Hose Fittings

  • Brake Chamber

  • Brake Drum

  • Brake Linings

  • Tire

  • Rim

  • Door

  • Mirror

  • Fuel Tank

  • Exhaust System

  • Windshield

  • Mirrors

  • Wipers

  • Lighting Indicators

Preparing for the roadside check

As a truck driver, it is important to remember that you can be pullover by a DoT officer at any point in time during the journey. Also, while most of the time, the officers would have a reason to conduct a roadside check, they don’t need any specific reason and can randomly pullover any truck for a safety inspection. During such inspection, you as a driver are responsible to cooperate with the officer to the best of your ability. Most of the time, the level of the inspection conducted by the DoT officer will depend upon the maintenance level of the inside of the truck, thereby, it’s always recommended to be prepared for sudden roadside truck inspection.

What happens after?

All levels of truck inspections may lead to three possible outcomes including:

-         No violations found

In this case, your vehicle and documentation are proved to comply with all the regulations, and thereby, you passed the inspection. Once your truck has passed the DoT inspection, it won’t be pullover for another inspection anytime soon, unless there’s a noticeable problem

-         Small violations are found

In this case, the DoT officer will find some issues with the vehicle or driver’s documentation, however, there won’t be severe enough to put the vehicle out of service (OSS). And while in such cases, you will be able to operate the vehicle, however, the violations noticed will act against the driver and impact driver’s compliance, safety, accountability (CSA) scores. All noticed violations are mandatory to be fixed within 15 days of the inspection.

-         Severe violations are found

In the case where the DoT officer found significant violations during the inspection, the vehicle will be put Out Of Service (OOS). Once the vehicle is put on OOS, the vehicle or driver won’t be able to operate on-road again until all noticed violations are fixed and documented.

The most common violations

A DoT officer can place the vehicle or driver on OOS. In the case where the driver is put on OOS and not the vehicle, another driver would have to come to take back the truck. Contrarily, if the vehicle is put on OOS and not the driver, it would require to be repaired or fixed either at the inspection site or to be towed to the repair shop. Some of the most common violations for drivers and vehicles include:

For drivers.

  • Logging violations

  • Exceeding HOS laws 

  • Expired or no medical card

  • Invalid or expired license

  • Not wearing a seat belt

For vehicles

  • Inoperable lights

  • Unsecured fire extinguisher

  • Fluid or fuel leaks

  • No annual inspection on file

  • Wrongly loaded cargo



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