Creating A Business Strategy Framework for Your Products

Author : Niti Sharma
Publish Date : 2020-06-10

Creating A Business Strategy Framework for Your Products

The market place is getting shifted drastically as customers are shifting toward online purchase amid COVID-19. In a way, COVID-19 has hastened the digital transformation, and companies who are already in the path of digital transformation or will make a quick shift are bound to win the business and retain their customers.

It is crucial to remain focused, understand the customers’ new needs, and fulfill their expectations. It is necessary to embrace and anticipate change, create products that exceed expectations and delights customers. Though you may have to change products as per the competition in the new market, it is critical to stay focused on the customer and their needs. It is recommended to connect with them as a partner rather than a vendor.

Let’s see how to create a business strategy framework for new products.

Business Strategy Framework for A Product

The business will continue with recovery amid COVID-19 or any other crisis. It is critical to stand for customers, connect with new customers while retaining the existing ones. New product innovation will always be there at the center of a business strategy.

Creating a product strategy is nothing but a roadmap to develop products including the tasks of the concerned team members. This can be used as a hand manual or guidelines by the team as a reference. More than 70% of businesses depend rely on the product strategy framework to make major decisions. Therefore, a thorough strategy is necessary to ensure success.

What counts is the business strategists’ deep and loud experience in accelerating revenue with new products and solutions. The anticipation of market dynamics plays a key role while creating new products and segments.

A product strategy outlines the products’ benefits, describes the problem it solves, and the impact it may create on customers and organizations as well. In brief, it acts as a baseline to measure the success of a product.

Here is a detailed step to create a product strategy:

Create a product vision

As a first step, it is necessary to develop a vision for the product. It includes how it is going to improve users’ life by adding value and gain a competitive position in the market. This will enable the strategy to flow flawlessly.

Understand customers’ evolving demand

The customer is the king and is always right. So, it is essential to understand user persona, understand the market, changing trends and technology, understand what problems customers face, and how it can get resolved with your product.

Detailed profiling enables us to identify the challenges and required research for your new product in context with the prevailing challenge(s).

Understand product research

Likewise, it is necessary to know where the product fits in and how it solves the problems of target customers. However, there may not arise a necessity to start from scratch always. You can try to study the products in the market, understand why it gained market share, and may follow the strategy with tweaks as per your market and product.

Build and communicate the product’s roadmap

Develop measurable KPIs to quantify your product strategy. Share your roadmap with business partners and stakeholders. Include cross-functional team members, managers, and important persons while communicating the product’s roadmap. Justify each of your product plans with substantial points and reasons to make a successful roadmap.

Execute the strategy

Finally, translate theory into practice. Execute step-wise all your plans into action. Further, you may start with the marketing strategy to understand what customers think of new products. This will help you understand customers’ interests and initiate a deep marketing strategy to make a successful product launch.

To conclude…

A robust roadmap delivers success without fail. It acts as a backbone for product development and ensures the success of teams’ hard work.


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