Create Mac, Windows, Linux, IOS and Android applications

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Publish Date : 2020-11-29

Create Mac, Windows, Linux, IOS and Android applications

Have you always wanted to create a desktop app or a mobile app, but the only languages ​​you know are JavaScript, HTML and CSS? Rejoice! There are now many solutions to realize your dream while staying in your comfortable languages.

Create a desktop application in HTML, CSS3 and JavaScript

Portable on all platforms, accessible without installation and with automatic updates, Web applications have many advantages but also retain a major flaw: it is impossible to access the user's disk from a browser (for reasons of obvious safeties).This simple defect means that desktop applications sometimes remain the obligatory passage point for certain needs. What if you find yourself in this situation, but only know web techniques? Use one of the solutions presented in this article! The advantage of this technique is that all Node modules are accessible from the node, and that it is therefore possible to create applications requiring both disk access AND internet access, and therefore to create applications full office! NW is portable on Linux, Mac and Windows, as well as on Chrome Apps (therefore on Chrome OS), and its documentation is really well done. It is really the choice that I recommend to you.


Electron might sound like a fork of NW is, but is actually more of a complete rewrite of the project by the Gather team. Its primary role was to allow the creation of the Atom text editor, but the project has grown and is now a true cross-platform solution for creating desktop applications. Newer than NW, there are also fewer projects using it than the latter currently. Its big positive point nonetheless remains Gather, a mastodon which provides it with flawless monitoring.


UGui is more of an NW-based framework than a solution in itself, but the additions it makes to the latter make it stand out all the same. In addition to a CSS framework allowing you to create an application with a "desktop" look very simply as well as many JavaScript functions to simplify work on NJ’s, UGUI allows you to automatically generate an interface for all your command line programs.


Apes is a framework similar to the three proposed above, with the huge difference that it is no longer maintained! So don't fall into this trap, and therefore choose one of the solutions presented above!

CSS frameworks for office applications?

There aren't a lot of "Desktop Applications" looking frameworks for the moment unfortunately; I only have two to offer you.

Create a mobile application

Regarding the mobile, the choice of technology used is a little simpler: after doing some research, I found only one free solution and whose development as well as the open source license has me seemed perennial: Phone Gap

Phone Gap

Phone Gap is an Open source framework for creating Mobile applications (real applications, which you can offer for download in mobile stores) with the web techniques we all know: JavaScript, HTML and CSS3. Unlike desktop applications, no need for Node is! On the other hand, if you want to set up connected functionalities on your application, a server part will be necessary for your application.

Phone Gap and Cordova, what are the differences?

In a nutshell, Phone Gap is a version of Cordova with links to other Adobe projects, as well as potential pieces of code under a proprietary license (this is not currently the case, but nothing prevents it).There are quite a few places on the internet where things are really unclear about the relationship between Phone Gap and the Cordova project, because the situation is not easy to understand! Phone Gap is an open source project created by Adobe. In 2011, Adobe gave Phone Gap to the Apache foundation under the Cordova name, so that the project would be open source in the long term, and the contribution would be easier for competing companies. Adobe nevertheless continued to work on Phone Gap (under this name) in an open source manner, and therefore continued to develop the Cordova project in parallel. Now Phone Gap is based on Apache Cordova, much like Google Chrome and Safari are based on the Weskit rendering engine.

Which HTML and CSS frameworks to use to build the application?

There are many, many complete frameworks for mobile applications out there, and most of them are of very good quality. I will nevertheless limit my list to two that I like the most.

Foundation for Apps

Maven Digital Affordable android app design agency foundation is a framework based on Angular. It will provide you with a solid base to create your applications without having to choose the JavaScript libraries to use (router, templates,).


Ionic is not really a Framework, but more a very complete collection of elements necessary for all mobile interfaces. Here, you are free to choose your JavaScript techniques and integrate them yourself!

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