7 Best Ways to Celebrate Your Employees Birthday at the Office

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Publish Date : 2020-04-07

7 Best Ways to Celebrate Your Employees Birthday at the Office

A birthday celebration in the office is a new trend developed to lift the spirits of employees. The team members give special recognition to one’s life by celebrating every employee’s birthday. it is a good thing to encourage and motivate the morale of employees or co-workers. We have worked here to get you the best employee birthday celebration ideas office for how to celebrate the employee’s birthday at the office. We have elaborated on some activities and things to do to make office employees feel honored and appreciated. Have a look at the ideas written just below this line.

1. Desk Decoration

Desk decoration is a good idea to let the employee feel recognized and cared for. team members are like a family member and they enjoy doing this type of celebration. It refreshes the environment and also helps in making good bonding with each other. Before the co-worker come to decorate the office desk with balloons, streamers, happy birthday garlands. As soon as he/she comes to the desk start clapping and cheering with the happy birthday song. Also, hand him a beautiful flower bouquet to cheer him/her up. This is an overwhelming exercise that will make him/.her feel proud of being in the company of good friends.

2. Delicious Birthday breakfast

Every team member has to support to make this task possible. Here all has to come with the good breakfast in Tiffin. One has come with a muffin, one comes with favorite breakfast, and one has come with good drinks. All you need to do is to go at the canteen and enjoy celebrating a birthday with a good and healthy breakfast. If the team supports you can also order pizza online and enjoy eating it at lunchtime. Overall, I am trying to say is to come together and give your colleague the best time to cherish the birthday time.

3. Amazing Birthday cake

A birthday cake is a necessity for celebrating birthdays. So here I suggest order corporate cake delivery in the office. Order one big designer cake customized with the company logo. It means the company is applauding his/her contribution to the company. I think the morning time is good to celebrate my birthday time. But if the company is not giving much time in working hours you can do this honor at lunchtime.

4. Arrange Team Lunch

As I talked to you earlier if the company doesn’t promote such type of celebration the team members can organize the party themselves. For example, they can go on half leave or go out to a restaurant to take lunch together. If it is not possible, they can plan to set the dinner in the evening. Friends can go to the bar enjoy drinking and having a fun time. you can also look for some innovative office birthday food ideas to enjoy the delicious food time with your team members.

5. Surprise Gift

A custom gift from the office makes the employee feel proud. A team leader or boss or manager can take the responsibility to distribute the amount of gifts into the team. Then buy the gift which can remind their of her special contribution to the company. For example, you can offer a laptop bag, leather desk organizer, a desk plant, a spiritual idol or anything looks official. They all must be customized with the company logo. If your colleague is traveling for company tour in Italy, you can send birthday gift online in Italy from here.

6. make a charitable donation

Some companies do such types of favors to encourage employees towards charity and donation. In this favor, the senior manager or team leader gives a gift and flower bouquet and then gives some amount to give it to the favorite charity organization. This way the company just not celebrate a birthday but also motivate employees for social awareness.

7. Gift card

Some companies give gift cards to employees. The gift card is a good idea to let the employee buy the gift he/she wants to buy for for a long time. The gift card contains some amount which he/she can redeem whenever he want. You are not supposed to bind them to take the gift which you do not like. The company gives freedom to the employee to buy the gift of choice. I think it’s a good idea to recognize the employee’s efforts.

Here are some corporate and professional ideas of what to bring to work on your birthday. One thing you must note down is the company’s policy. You must follow the birthday celebration as per the rules of the company. Otherwise, it can harm the dignity of a birthday celebrity. If a company allows celebrating you can use all the above ideas to make a colleague’s day. But if not, you can celebrate the birthday outside after working hours. Hopefully, you like this article and share it with others too.

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